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Please note: This guide refers to =V= Rambit CB Gold v2, though most of the strategies / techniques can be applied within other versions of RCB.


This section will explain concisely how and what to do at the start of a 1v1:

1. Press comma until your screen automatically directs you to your king,
this is different for some colours, I think p1 is 3 times pressing ',' whilst p2 is only twice.
The image is shown below of what your screen should look like. (Ignore the time.)
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Choose the paladin option, ie. the top section of the box, as shown by the cursor in the

2. Press Ctrl + U, which will take you to your university at the back of your base. You need to firstly
upgrade to 'Guard Tower.' Hit every button as fast as you can. The blacksmith is right next to the university, so there is no need to use any hotkeys for this, simply click on it and ALWAYS start with upgrading 'Bodkin Arrow.' The reasoning for this is that in the middle there are 12 towers + 2 Accursed towers, these will all be very important for hitting units, getting razes and therefore will benefit massively from the extra range and attack A.S.A.P

3. I just scroll to my castles, which are directly above the 'Uni/Bsmith ' and then make units. There is also a shortcut for making units, when you press the image of the unit to make it, hold the shift key, which is located above Ctrl and below Caps lock in most cases. This will produce 5 units for every 1 click and therefore you only need to press 3 times per castle. The spawn point will need to quickly be set, the following image will help to do so:
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Red spot is spawn point for Inf/Cav civs, Blue spot is for all other ie. Archers.

4. You should now have created paladins, upgraded 'Bsmith/Uni' & have clicked on units for creation, your time should be about 20 AoC seconds, based on Fast speed.
(This is my rough time, I'd practice till you can make at least 25~30) You now need to send the paladins to the middle, send them right next to the bombard, just by clicking on minimap or by scrolling, I generally double click the paladins, and scroll to the centre, but keep them clicking the whole way so they are always on the move. As shown in the SS below:
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5. Once paladins have been sent, there will be a time delay before they get there. Your screen should be near your bombard tower as that's where you send your paladins. I click off from the paladins, click onto my bombard tower and attack Red's/My enemies bombard tower. I also double click any of my guard towers, which highlights all 12 and attack the bombard tower so it dies faster.

6. There is a 'House Guard' behind your towers, I always pull him to the side (your side) so he is out of red's tower range and then garrison him in my bombard tower, reasoning will come in the next few steps.

7. Your paladins will still be sending to middle. In this short time I click in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and buy 'Imp' age, which is 4 kings. I also buy castles if I have extra kings / depending on civs. You need to quickly scroll to the walls near your archary range and delete the 2 walls I do. (You can see which ones in the video after point 10.)I now go back to my Uni/Bsmith because the upgrades should just be finishing by pressing Ctrl + U, as previously said and then upgrade to Keep/Bracer, because you've just bought Imp.

8. This step is crucial, it is simple but really in a competitive 1v1 it is make or break. The paladins will now likely be near middle, near your bombard tower. You need to ungarrison your house guard and group your paladins with him, A.S.A.P , then attack your enemies bombard tower, as shown in the image below: (Ignore the game time) In a GG they will have their paladins and house guard there too, or before/after you, you need to highlight all of your towers by double clicking a guard tower and attack the house guard, then the paladins, so they do less damage to your towers.
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9. Once again another crucial step, which is very simple but makes a hell of a difference is using your bombard AFTER theirs is destroyed. There will be a tower on fire nearby, which was attacked before you targeted their bombard tower. You need to hit this with yours which should give you 2 razes = 1 king first, which you need to buy a castle with. (Left hand corner store) => Generally, the person who gets the king first wins the game.

10. Archers into towers, put 4 archers into each accursed tower, spawn point straight into each and once both full, 5 into each main tower. (Main tower = Guard/Keeps)
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RCB Start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP0qtu1_Qg0&feature=youtu.be
(Make sure to check the 2 walls I delete - so your units don't get stuck when you're high pop.)

General points:
- When you buy your first castle, make your units Elite, then continue making pop, do not research conscription till later. (I will list what to buy with each civ in a little while)
- You need to keep making pop/units - 15 units are made quite quickly.
- Paladins need to keep being sent to middle and used for razing towers.
- These paladins can also be used for distractions/battling as shown in the next section.
- Upgrade everything you can in the game, just in the right order.
- Upgrades are vital and you need to keep making them during game, the order of which I have wrote below:

So what next? => Battling/Patrolling:

Things to note: (I will explain all)
[*] Probably the most important, yet hardest is use of house guard.
[*] Different Units work better with different patrols.
[*] You should not start battling on mid without at least 55 pop.
[*] With archer civs, your paladins are crucial for unit distraction.
[*] With inf/cav civs your paladins are helpful in battle too.
[*] You should aim your towers at enemy units.
[*] You need to keep high ground = advantage.

Use of HG:
The house guard you have, which you have used to attack your enemies bombard tower should be garrisoned inside another tower after their tower is dead. It will have low HP(Health), and whilst it is in the tower will regain HP. This is another win/loss situation in fair 1v1s, that 1 unit can help you raze 5 x as fast and therefore getting you castles/units much faster, so you win battles, win mid and therefore win game.

So how to use it?
ONLY when your paladins are there will you use the HG, this is because it needs a meat shield so it cannot be easily hit. Ungarrison him near your paladins, as shown in the SS below:
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Then attack injured towers, it is FUNDAMENTAL at this stage that you keep your screen clicked on the HG at all times. The VERY SECOND your enemies towers start to hit him, garrison him back into your towers. You can keep doing this over and over till you have a good advantage or he has very low HP.

Patrols for each unit

This is where I give away my top secrets, this is why I win wars with the same unit vs people. So I sure hope you guys appreciate this bit at least, it took me years of practising.

In RCB, it is obviously most effective patrolling downhill, you get a MAX advantage from your unit, but not only that, if you patrol downhill on a stagger, ie. stagger patrol + aggressive, with runners it is 100 x more effective for certain units.

Civs which work best with stagger:

Here is an example, you need to highlight the group and press the stagger button or 'E' as shown below:
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It is very important to FIRST patrol normally to a point quite distant. This is called long patrol and is
very effective for Melee units. Then press 'E' or stagger, this reduces the chances of your army patrol freezing significantly.

Here is a clip of how to actually do it: (Along with start and how to use HG.)


Civs I call - simple stop patrol civs

For each of these, when you battle on middle they need to be in a tite, patrolled ground on stand ground
stance. You need to patrol these tighly and press S, which will stop the patrol. Why is this better?
It buys a few extra seconds of shooting, which is the time where your enemy patrols. This is very effective.
Also, the 4 paladins should be in front of your group, on no attack stance, as distractions, patrolling in
front of your units, acting as a meat shield, as shown in the following SS:
You must login into Voobly to view image

Also, as shown in this video, how to fight with these kind of civs:
(Notice how compact I keep my units, how I use my runners and how much I win the war by.)


These are special in the sense that mongols fire so quickly, so if your enemy flanks you or
out ranges you while you are on stand and stop, you will die pretty damm fast.
An example of what flanking is and how much it owns is shown in the first part of the video blow,
in the 2nd part is how to beat flanking. How did I beat did? Repatrol on stand ground into one
end of the the enemies group, ie. so not all of their group is in range. You will see clearly from the
video that this is effective as I won with over 1/4 of my units left, in RCB this makes a big difference
and since you will be patrolling downhill (if they try and flank you), you will have a mega advantage.
You must also remember though to use the 4 paladins as a distraction, simply put them on NO attack stance
and have them patrol in front of your units.

Video of how to patrol with mongs:

Archer civs

It is highly important to fill towers with archer civs, the order is as follows:
3 of each unique unit in each accursed tower & 4 x each unique unit in the 'main' towers.

Civs which you do this with:

When fighting/battling with these units, it is important to go with the right amount of pop^.
This is because they have relatively low HP compared to other units and towers kill them fast,
I never go middle with less then a full group, E.g. 40 units + 4 paladins, that's after filling my towers.
The patrol which works best is the same as 'simple stop units' from above.
(Notice how compact I keep my units, how I use my runners and how much I win the war by.)


Since these are the only civs which work best on 'normal patrol', I would like to think that
they are relatively simple and that by now you can patrol units. Below is a video on how to use a runner,
this applies directly to RCB as your paladins can be used as runners, in which distract a few units
so you own in battles. Even if your enemy repatrols so their units are not distracted, they have lost time
and time buys you an extra few kills, which may make you win the game.


What hereos to buy?

Obviously there is no straight answer to this, because it depends on what your enemy does,
how close the game is Etc..

If you are dominating and you think you can end it fast, try Hood, generally Hood + HG/Neskis and or
Trebs behind will win 1v1 Games, however, for Sub/Martel here are the statistics:
(Normal HP Martel = 180 Normal Armour Martel = 1+3/0+4)
(Normal HP Sub = 250 Normal Armour Sub = 2+3/2+4)

Aztecs - Martel, 13+8 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Britons - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Byzantines - Martel, 13+2 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Celts - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour & speed advantage on walking.
Chinese - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Franks - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Goths - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, HALF armour.
Huns - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, HALF armour.
Japanese - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour & speed advantage on attacking.
(However Jap Sub is a strong possibility, for the more experienced Micro player, like myself
I always take Subotai with Japs because they are good as any, standard as shown in the bit below
and Subotai with 5+3 range with a good Micro'er owns Martel.)
Koreans - Martel, 13+2 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Mayans - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Mongols - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Persians - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Saracens - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Spanish - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Teutons - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Turks - Martel, 13+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Vikings - Martel, 13+4 attack, 216 hp, normal armour.
(However Vik Sub is a strong possibility, for the more experienced Micro player, like myself
I always take Subotai with Vik because they are good as any, standard as shown in the bit below
and Subotai with 5+3 range with a good Micro'er owns Martel.)

Aztecs - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, HALF armour.
Britons - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Byzantines - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Celts - Sub, 12+3 attack, normal hp, HALF armour.
Chinese - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, normal armour.
Franks - Sub, 12+3 attack, normal hp, HALF armour.
Goths - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, normal armour.
Huns - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, HALF armour.
Japanese - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Koreans - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Mayans - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.
Mongols - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, HALF armour, Speed attack bonus, accuracy bonus.
Persians - Sub, 12+3 attack,270 hp, normal armour.
Saracens - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, normal armour, accuracy bonus.
Spanish - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, normal armour.
Teutons - Sub, 12+3 attack,270 hp, normal armour.
Turks - Sub, 12+4 attack,270 hp, normal armour, accuracy bonus.
Vikings - Sub, 12+4 attack, normal hp, normal armour.

So which civ has the best martel? In order: (I have tested year after year.)

1. Aztecs
2. Japs
3. Vik
4. Celt
5. All others excluding Byz, Kor, Goth & Hun.
6. Byz, Kor.
7. Goth & Hun.

So which civ has the best subotai? In order: (Please believe me.)

1. Mongols
2. Saracens/Turks
3. Spanish/Chinese/Goths/
4. Japanese/Mayans/Koreans/Vikings/Byzantines
5. Huns
6. Britons
7. Aztec
8. Teutons/Persians
9. Celts/Franks

So, in general, you should get the best hero you can depending on the food present and how
likely you are to die, ie. how strong your enemies are. Below is the generic list of hereos I take with civs:

Aztecs - Martel.
Britons - Hood. (5+6 range)
Byzantines - Sub.
Celts - Martel.
Chinese - Sub.
Franks - Martel.
Goths - Sub.
Huns - Sub.
Japanese - Sub.
Koreans - sub.
Mayans - Sub.
Mongols - Sub.
Persians - Martel.
Saracens - Sub.
Spanish - Sub.
Teutons - Martel.
Turks - Sub.
Vikings - Sub.

So how do I fight with my hereos?

Well with Subotai, you will generally be running around looking for your food. It is by far most effective to
run around and DON'T patrol most of the time. Subotai have 8 range, so there are few units which outrange them,
this means that basically, you get food instantly, without wasting time patrolling. An important point is when
you fight vs Martel, Subotai can beat Martel if you use them right. (As explained below.) With Martel
same story, there is rarely a need to patrol, only when you're fighting vs other hereos will you need to. (Below.)

How can Subotai beat Martel?

Basically, Patrol in tight boxed groups, on stand ground stance and press S. You will get a % of the Martel
before you are even in their range. As they approach you, run back a little, this is not technically Hit/Run
because you are just re-positioning. The Martel will either be on Aggressive, which by now is ruined because you moved,
or on Stand ground, in which will not be ruined, BUT they would not have anticipated you to move back so likely they
patrolled too short and so they get owned.

How do I beat Martel?

For the more experienced and confident player, you rarely ever have to patrol. I fight all of my battles
with a unit advantage, I carry around my full population with me everywhere, this way the only way
I will lose a war is if they have full population and even then they have to out patrol me. The idea is to keep a
high pop, feed of weak civs that DON'T have hereos and fight hereos when you have a high pop. I NEVER let my population
of hereos fall below 120 once I buy it.

How can Martel beat Subotai?

Martel close up rapes Subotai, the issue is Sub can hit/run and they have +2 range. To combat this, Martel use same patrol
as woids, which I call 'long patrol.' The idea is that you patrol PAST your enemy units, way past, so if there are Subotais
are in middle and you have Martel, you patrol to the other side of middle, this way if Sub pull back and or hit/run,
your patrol will keep going and killing over and over.

How do I use Martel?

It's important to remember that when using any hero, if you fight with a higher population, you will win
the war with more units left at the end. I usaully fight with 2 groups vs 1, I make it this way, if Subotai are in the middle,
I will come from 2 entirely different angles and long patrol to the other side AND STAGGER THEM!
This way when Sub run, which they will unless they want to die, they are much more likely of being trapped and killed
because the Martel spread out.

How to fight Martel vs Martel? (Same as Harold war.)

It really does depend on what your enemy is doing. If they are patrolling in stand ground, without being stopped, S,
just patrol at them and press S. You will win the war, quite simple.

If they are on stand ground and pressed S, ie. stopped, then you need to use this idea of flank, as in archer units.
Go full on one side of their units, so that only some of their units are in range, but all of your are and patrol there,
ON STAND GROUND ONLY! This is the significant difference between Mart/Sub, Martel can flank Martel, but not on aggressive,
this is one big fail, trust me I've done it over the years.

How to fight Sub vs Sub? (Same as Khan war.)

Generally, most people will just patrol on stand ground state. You will do exactly the same, but you will
press the S button, this is very effective because as shown in the previous section, you save time patrolling,
so get that extra few kills which is vital in battle. There is no point using runners with Sub wars because
they die instantly. (Unless you want to buy a Scout - 3 kings top right hand store.)
The ONLY time really I use any other patrol with Subotai is when I have more range then my enemy unit(s).
For example, if martel are in middle and he has just bought power up, he will stay there on stand ground, he will expect
me to come near him so he can patrol and beat my units. BUT, I will patrol just out of range on aggressive, this will
utalize my +2 range advantage and kill every single one of his units without mine being touched. (Providing he dosen't patrol into me.)
If he does patrol into me, I hit run, break off into different angles and sides, this messes up the Martel patrol, the idea that
they get distorted and go in seperate directions, so you end up fighting drifting Martels.

Here is a video demonstrating all of the above:


Finally, this guide is based really on 1v1 Same civs, but all of the above applies to Rndm civs too. Frankly, the thing is
with RCB Gold, there is 10000 x different ways to win, these are the most effective, but obviously if you are playing
random civs, you will need to adapt your gameplay to what your enemy does.

I will not be doing Teams/FFA guide simply because there is so much diversity in what can happen,
every game is different because of your civ, enemy civ and what your enemy actually does, there isn't any generic

HOWEVER, everything in this guide directly relates into every type of RCB game and patrols/micro
relates into every map in AoC CS.

If you would like to request something, please post, comment, please like my videos & subscribe and thanks for reading!

- P.S. Audio videos will be coming shortly.

Also please view/subscribe to my YT channel, there will be loads of videos there:

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You put to by sub with vikings but vikinga 4th best sub and 3rd best martels... im 100% disagree , always get martel over subotai with vikings.
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No thumb ring discussion?

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