BlackAdder wrote:
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Season 16 is finished with DoD being crowned as the Champions yet again, and we are ready to offer you a chance to challenge them for the title in Season 17!

This time, things will be a bit different - to attract more clans for you to compete with and to ensure the whole Age of Mythology community can participate, we have decided to adjust the League settings so that Voobly clans can take part in the competition and not be handicapped by being unable to go online on ESO.

Since Voobly is generally less troublesome than ESO itself, especially in the player connections department, this measure should, besides allowing more clans to play, actually improve the game experience you all get in the League.

And now to the signing up itself :)

If your clan is interested in competing with the best of the best in a team competition with long tradition, check out the [You must login to view link] for more information. To sign up, just reply to [You must login to view link] with the required information.

Signups will be closed on Friday 25th November, Season 17 will start on Monday 28th November.

Good luck to every clan that signs up and please spread the word - the more clans we have, the better and more fun the League will be!

You can check the games played in RTS League at [You must login to view link] or in the [You must login to view link] here at AgeSanctuary where you can also discuss them.