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Rated games on a custom map! a must read edition.


Join Date: 15 April 2011
Posted 16 April 2011 - 9:53 pm
Hi i play some games online for age of mythology both unrated and rated games i play mostly unrated becuase of the custom map option is on.. i'm here to talk about the option of having custom maps in a game that is rated becuase there have resently bean 1 complaint about that it was 1 game that was rated and a custom map was use in that game and 1 of the players in the game complained about that he lost his game and also said it was not fair etc.. also said the game was cheated. But here comes the questions about this kind of game hosting it is legit to host a rated map that is custom that is yes by doing that many people dont know what triggers or objects the map have what they are hosting even if people know this they either lose the game or win it and a arguement start like mentioned on top of this post there is also this thing to point out that when hosting a custom map there is no way telling what triggers is programed in to the map that may be hidden in gameplay or objects that cant be seen /triggers so NO you cant be pointed as a cheater for playing a custom game becuase of all this unknown factors if a game should be 100% fair it should remove all the custom maps its the only option! for rated games if played. there are other factors present in a rated game on a custom map/ any custom maps that can be talked about that makes players lock like or watched at like they cheat or the map is unfair/unfair wins games.matches etc..

The conclusion of this is NO rated game is 100% fair in any way when the game is played on a custom map of any kind in the rated mode. AND YES IT IS LEGIT TO PLAY THIS WAY MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. unless custom maps gets turned of in rated games.....
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Posted 5 June 2011 - 12:32 am
Custom Map will be made in the future. I will be working on Custom Map Rated Soon.

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