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RCB Potential Map Changes


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Donnie made this poll awhile back and nothing was ever done related to it. I came up with some suggestions I thought would be interesting. I don't know the map as well as I used to though and I'm not even involved with the league so maybe these aren't the best ideas. Hence the idea to post here and get some discussion going.

RCB Map - Community Poll Questions

[Increase Harald Cost - 16/25 want some change (9 No)
Increase Global Cost - 15/24 want some change (9 No)
Increase Theo Cost - 16/25 want some change (9 No)
Increase William Cost - 15/25 want some change (10 No)
Increase Beli cost - 13/23 want no change (13 No)
Limit invincible skirmishers - 16/24 want some change (8 No)
Increase Scout cost - 12/23 want no change (11 No/ No scout in 2v2/3v3)

I stopped looking at the results at Scout. It looks like you left out the question of increasing the cost of Khan.
If I was paid to edit the map / was as zealous as I used to be I would do the following changes. This was fun to think about but I just can't afford to spend the time implementing all of the below.
  • Increase cost of harald, theo, william, khan by 1 king with 2 king refund (you get the 1 additional king you pay up top refunded below, so 2 kings below)
  • Global I'm unsure of. It's probably fine where it is.
  • If harald purchased, delete the side invincible castle
  • If global purchased, delete both invincible castles
  • At 1.5k kills delete the side invincible castle
  • At 2k kills delete the other invincible castle
    harald, theo, william, khan - any of these purchased makes the invincible castles killable - 10k hp
  • attempt to fix the middle view glitch, every 90 seconds remove map revealer and replace (I think this will work. In the past I only attempted to place every x seconds, but not remove, then place.)
  • Get rid of spies on super store, replace with monk techs buy (heresy, conversion resistance) for 1 king. Spies will be "bought" at 50 minutes for free.
  • At 16 minutes every player gets mordred if they don't have 20 razes. Increase mordred spawn time to every 2 seconds. Make it so mordred can't take down gates in fair mod and buff their attack slightly (they used to kills things a lot quicker). Make sure they can't take down the house in middle too.
  • Then at 18 minutes (increase this to 18 from 16 minutes) they then get to choose from genitour/william.
  • Determine how to make it play a sound at 18 minutes to alter genitour/william available.
  • Give all civs two free friar tucks at 40 minutes. (I say do this instead of limiting skirms). Plus this will help balance out the increased cost of william/theo. This could be changed to a unique unit... like the fast moving monk with custom conversion strength/healing/hp/defense.
  • Super Store Imperial villager buy - reduce it to 2 kings from 3
  • Encourage more boating - increase transport ship hp by 2k
  • Change remove wall buy on the super store to only remove military units. Make it so transport ship isn't removed when this is purchased (e.g. p1 purchases it, p2 happens to be loading up boat there... well p2 is currently **** out of luck since the buy removes units 3 tiles to the left and right of spawn)
  • Put Tower of Flies in the back of base again right behind spawn surrounded by haystacks
  • Make undead castles killable after 1.5 hours - 10k hp
  • Change beli hp/ap to 1/1 instead of 2hp/1ap every 20 seconds. Reduce hp from king to 90 from 100.
  • Alert tamerlane earlier, message at 90 instead of 120. More people will buy tamerlane with the changes now.
  • Make it so you get the initial 9 archers of eyes in the beginning if you purchase them and then you get 4/9 respawned. You get respawnable khan now, respawnable paladins... why not archers of eyes (note... this is just a random idea to try for fun but I would do it for the hell of it)
  • Archers of Eyes - limit pop back down to 120 (119 in trigger), no bracer
  • Currently if you buy remove palisade wall on super store for 2 kings before genitour is available, you can get a "free" genitour. Granted this doesn't give you it, it gives other players it. This should still be fixed though.
  • Make robin more effective against things like stables/archery ranges/monasteries. I buffed him in fair mod previously against towers but he's still pretty weak. I would also buff robin in general, maybe movement speed a smidge... make sure to also buff charlemagne a smidge too though. People need to rush more.
  • Change remove palisade wall buy on super store to 1 king from 2. This will make it so william/theo aren't as nerfed with increased cost.
  • Other civ balance considerations according to the poll / previous RCB discussion thread. I do like the idea of giving specific bonuses to hero units for a civ. For instance, teutons don't really get anything... they probably should. I would look at fair mod and how the castle units are designed to interact with each other. I'm pretty sure I have some things in the mod related to that.
  • Rewall spawn unit - this needs to be fixed since currently this addition allows you to see when a transport ship goes by (at least as p1)
  • I would also add king counters or at least reimplement antiblocking / prevent people from bunching up kings. At minimum you should be able to count how many kings they have regardless if they're hiding them behind flags.
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Increase kings income after 3000 kills to 2 kings evry 1 min

with 4000 kills Automatic global power up

Decrease subotai cost to 6,5 kings and martel 7,5 king
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Posted 21 January 2023 - 2:33 am
16/25 15/24 16/25 whats these numbers means
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Posted 25 January 2023 - 3:21 am
16/25 15/24 16/25 whats these numbers means

In the poll Donnie did, 16/25 voted for change. It may vary based on context. It's the number of votes though.

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