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Results and Statistics - RCB FFA League #5 (15th January 2023)


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Results and Statistics

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Thanks to ADNAN for the cash prizes.
Thanks to Voobly for the premium membership prizes.

How to score max points

  1. Play games with 8 players total.
  2. Play games with higher rated players.
  3. Damage every enemy pyramid (max 7).
  4. Be the first to major kill milestones (500 kills, 1000 kills, 1500 kills, 2000 kills).
  5. Survive until you have 175 wood (max allowed).
  6. Earn a lot of kings and quickly.
  7. Win the game.
  8. Submit 30 wins with as few losses as possible.

How does the Leaderboard work?

  • The Final score is calculated by multiplying Overall Score, Average Score(per game), Winrate, Average Kings Earned Per Minute and Average Enemy/Match Rating.
  • Leaderboard will be posted and updated as often as I can until the end of the tournament. At the end of the tournament a full statistical breakdown will be posted along with the winners

What are these values?

Overall Score
  • The Overall Score is the sum of all your scores(trade profit) earned throughout the every win/loss recorded.
  • A winner of the match will always receive 3x the Trade Profit stated in the match link.
  • Only a game with 8 players awards you 100% of the Trade Profit.
  • 7 player games award 80%
  • 6 player games award 65%
  • 5 player games award 45%.

Average Score
  • The Average Score is a value that is calculated by dividing Overall Score with the Games Played amount.
  • This ensures players with higher quality matches as well as players with less losses have an advantage in scoring.

  • To be on top of the Final Score leaderboard a player has to be the best, this is why multiplying your score by your winrate is necessary.
  • This stat ensures that the players who are able to reach 30 wins with the least amount of losses have an advantage in scoring.

Average Kings Earned Per Minute
  • This value is calculated by dividing Kings Earned by Minutes Played.
  • Camping or taking no risks is frowned upon and less skillful.
  • This stat favors aggressive playstyles and rewards players for finishing the game quicker.

Average Enemy/Match Rating
  • A high rated game is more likely to be competitive than a low rated game, for this reason a multiplier is required to determine the skill level of a match.
  • The Average Match Rating is calculated by finding the sum of all matches ratings the player has been present and then dividing the value with his match count and 1600, which is the default rating.

How is Trade Profit calculated?

  • Trade Profit is simply the sum of Food, Wood, Gold and Stone Collected. Each one of them is used to award a player in a certain category.
  • Food Collected is the amount of kings you have earned during the entire game times two.
    For example, if you received 40 kings in the Bottom Store you are awarded with 80 points.
  • Wood Collected is the total sum of every 2 minutes survived.
    For example, if you were killed between 56:00 and 57:59 you are awarded 56 points.
    All players receive a minimum of 50 wood and a max of 175.
  • Gold Collected is the sum of kill milestone awards.
    By reaching 500 kills first you gain 5 points, reaching 1000 kills first awards 10 points, reaching 1500 kills first awards 15 points and reaching 2000 kills first awards 20 points.
  • Stone Collected is the sum of Pyramids damaged times 10.
    You are awarded 10 points for every unique enemy pyramid damaged during your game.
    Max 70 points in a round.

Players List.

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