Lately I came across different open source engine projects that somehow copy other games. The example I saw first was an unofficial port of Jak and Daxter for PC. I know almost nothing about programming but from what I understand, they made an engine that, combined with files such as models, art, textures and music obtained from an original copy of the game, allows the game to run on PC. Information about this project can be easily found on the internet.
The second example was remembering the OpenRA project that did something similar. It allowed to play Dune 2000, C&C and Red Alert in a new engine, giving a modernized experience. I remember they had even incorporated it into Voobly a while back.
In this way I wonder if there will be something similar with Age of Empires? So I came across a project called openage. From what I could find out, they have the same goal as those who made OpenRA. Create an engine that, combined with the original Age of Empires files (Age 1, Age 2, Definitive Edition or even SWBG) would allow for an almost identical or better experience to play. The user must have original copies of these games, as the end user must already have (because they can't distribute it for copyright reasons).
I don't know much more about the subject but I want to ask the community:
[*] Have you ever thought of using something like this in Voobly?
[*] Would it provide any advantage? From my ignorance I imagine so. I suppose that a modern open source engine should be easier to use and more flexible, allowing better modifications. Pancrol and katsuie already do wonders with the old Genie Engine for Community Patch 1.6, but I guess they could do even more with a modern, open engine.
[*] Do you think it would be something viable? And if you think so, do you think the distant future of Age of Empires II is something like that? It's impossible to know for sure, but who knows what will happen if one day Microsoft stops supporting the Definitive Edition