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Edited 28 June 2022 - 1:53 pm by [HOAOM]Furkanthegreat
Hi first of all you guy side by one god saying all the time greek need buff they are week
norse neeed buff they are weak
these gods always remain weak in your eyes
and nerfing egypt and atlanteans(u guys gave gaia some buff but still not enough to fight vs norse on land only sea maps)
you guys think this game arrearage 2008-2010 people didnt know how to play greek and norse thats why you guys buffed them and nerf oranos what is wrong with you it was people fault and you bargain that to atlantean
you guys think like lets nerf atlantean I hate it I am greek main player or what
thanks for fixxed glitches by the way
but we want better patchs just check statics of gods winrate and you will see greeks incresed
1900 gaia player shouldnt lost against 1750+ loki player even with buffed maybe my mistake still didnt found way
please make more balanced game I wanna use oranos versus any god and gaia
I love play with them
if you select old patch no one come to play with you even your friends even unrated fix this guys
oranos shockwawe time should be like on unpatch then there will be possieble able to stop centaur rush and win game on sea maps oranos lose on sea maps vs greek all the time they say oranos have cheap and faster ships thats a fact but their range 2 few then others they need to get more close thats why they die easy also their armor weakl to %5 then other fire ships and 40 hp less at least buff this 40 hp or remove %5 less make %20 like rest of allarmor pierce

need nerf only to this demigod polyhemeus it cost 400 gold and 6 favor single demigod should destroy towncenters alonly he can destory fortess palaaces everything it should be more expensive like 650 gold and 8 favor I dont say nerf him power just make expensive like in history he is the most powerfull demigod I agree that
also poseidon need buff right here hetairoi units should destroy towncenters easy but they dont doing even game says: good against buidlings

egypt need some unnerf : roc shouldnt have 4.00 speed it is eagele he is slower then oddyes hippolata I am saying speed should be 4.30 shifting sands size should be like 4.0 patch

Isis ancestor need nerf he shouldnt give to much damage when you used epicalips oranos army die easy and egypts to,
Gaia is the most need buff god
buildings need %1 cheap all army units %1 cheap
when citizzens spawn their speed should be 3.50 as they born when you get channels it should be 4.10
LUSH shouldnt remove easy and sometimes lush dont work need to fix that
bite of shark should be 50 food 10 favor
for buildings upgrade they should be %5 cheaper
also talknig for atlantean cheirobalisstas should effected by armyory improves
also gaia buildings generate like on EE per a second 3
Zeus pegauss hero bellerophon need nerf he is to good and like polyhemesus should be 600 gold 8 favor
Odin/Thor frost shouldnt frozing villagers
poseidon need nerf from temple armory and market when destroyed u get 4 milita it should be 3
from granry 1 from fortress should be 5
hades sentinels should effected by archers upgrade from archery range
Gaia farms should csot 180 wood
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Hi Furkan,

I appreciate your input, thanks. Aside from just bringing this problem to our attention, do you have some ideas what balancing changes would be needed to fix it? We would like to hear your ideas on this.

All the best,

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well I set better
I will add new things if you say me I forgot wrote
it will be update
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Posted 28 June 2022 - 11:04 pm
Very interesting.
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Posted 6 July 2022 - 7:45 pm
He highlighted some important aspects of the game. Not saying that I entirely agree with him, but he mentioned good points regards to weaknesses and buffs.

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