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$2,000 Rules - RCB FFA League #5 (15th January 2023)


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RCB FFA League #5 (2022)

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$2,000 prize total

1st $750
2nd $500
3rd $350
4th $250
5th $150

Thanks to ADNAN for the cash prizes.
Thanks to Voobly for the premium membership prizes.


How to score max points

  1. Play games with 8 players total.
  2. Play games with higher rated players.
  3. Damage every enemy pyramid (max 7).
  4. Be the first to major kill milestones (500 kills, 1000 kills, 1500 kills, 2000 kills).
  5. Survive until you have 175 wood (max allowed).
  6. Earn a lot of kings and quickly.
  7. Win the game.
  8. Submit 50 wins with as few losses as possible.

League Settings

Who is hosting? Donnie
What kind of tournament? RCB FFA League
When does the League start? 15 January 2023 (0 GMT)
When does the League end? 15 March 2023 (0 GMT)

The RCB FFA League is a CS event that starts on the 15th of January through the 15th of March 2023, with the aim of providing a leaderboard of the most competitive and active RCB FFA players. The leaderboard is made by submitting matches to the League and thus earning score to yourself by a value stored in the match link itself.

You will be able to submit matches to review starting on the 15th of January in the RCB Match Submission subforum.

You are advised to make a thread for your name and post all your match links you wish to submit in that thread (to keep it organized and clean).
The match links will be reviewed and scored daily (some possible delays)

You can submit 50 matches during the event.

Submit matches here.


Players List.

The leaderboard will keep track of the overall score of each player and position them to according rank.
I will try to update at least once per day, but some days new scores might get delayed by a day.

How does Real Leaderboard work?

  • The Final score is calculated by multiplying Overall Score, Average Score(per game), Winrate, Average Kings Earned Per Minute and Average Enemy/Match Rating.
  • At the end of the tournament a full statistical breakdown will be posted along with the winners.
  • For a detailed explanation visit the Results and Statistics page.

Game Settings

The game has to be rated to CS - RCB.
RCB Fair Mod has to be enabled!
At least five or more players must be present at the start of the game
Games with four or less players will not give anyone score on the leaderboard
=V= RCB 2016 League
Speed: Fast
Starting Age: Standard
Resources: Standard
Lock Speed/Teams
Victory: Standard
Reveal Map: Explored
Record Game: YES

It is your duty to make sure the Game Settings are correct!

Additional Rulings

  • Report a player here.
  • You are NOT allowed to sign up with more than ONE account.
  • Players who share IP with a member of family or with someone else are advised to contact me at the start of the League.
  • It is an example of bad sportsmanship to join a game, ruin it for the player who you have bad beef with and then die/suicide. You were not even trying to win. Play to win!
  • Any player with a pattern of negative behavior like targeting specific people, harassment, ruining games or purposely feeding should be reported to me.
  • You may be removed from the league if you violate the rules.

Tournament Host Rulings

Any rule may be changed by the tournament organizers on, before, or after the start.
All rulings by the tournament organizers are final.

Previous Leagues

Results and Statistics League #4


Results and Statistics League #5

Thanks to ADNAN for the cash prizes.
Thanks to Voobly for the premium membership prizes.

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Edited 16 June 2022 - 11:14 pm by baby_cheesus
I just want to say. I'm glad Rivers is banned. That guy is toxic as ****. I was honestly thinking of asking him to be unbanned as a courtesy. Maybe give him a little joy.

Anyways, again, glad he's banned. Can't talk logic to that guy.
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Join Date: 27 July 2021
Edited 12 July 2022 - 2:26 am by baby_cheesus
Donnie, please do some changes to the map before the tournament starts. Some of those changes I suggested aren't too hard to do. mini store changes aren't that hard. robin attack vs buildings (really weak against keeps, charlemagne probably is too). up transport hp. I want to see how the changes impact the tournament.

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