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Hello Guys, Please Read


Join Date: 24 November 2011
Posted 17 March 2022 - 2:49 am
The reason why I'm making this post to let everyone out there know that there's a way to play these games online nowadays. Ever since MSN Gaming Zone, GameSpy, and MPlayer closed down there haven't been any other way to play other than through IP/Manual Join. Without any warning really they were all gone. It was here one day and gone the next. Looking back at Wayback Machine and seeing the actual numbers of players still amazes me. I've seen players asking where they could play these games online, so here we go.

If you do plan on coming back, it would be nice if you bring a friend or two with you. Go afk in the lobbies on Voobly so that other players could see there's a community. If you any form followers, subscribers, friends, etc. whoever you think would be interested in these games make a video on it, or give them the links to it.

Remember, more players equals more fun. We are all in this together to bring people back if you truly have love for these games. As of right now making this post I'm the only one in Rainbow Six lobby. There's only seven people in Rogue Spear lobby, including myself. That's...sad.

Take care,

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Posted 11 April 2022 - 12:28 am
COME PLAY RS everyone ---->>>>>>

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