Recently, Definitive Edition introduced two new features on their nomad maps:
  • The map now starts with a treaty of 5 minutes so that villagers can not attack each other. This is regardless if players didn't set a treaty when creating the game.
  • When players place the foundation of the Town Center, a security area of 10 tiles appears, preventing other players from placing their Town Center close and preventing Town Center battles. This security zone disapears once the Town Center is up.

The first change seems hard to implement, when is pretty simple to just set the treaty before launching. The second change interests me from an implementation point of view. I've come up with a way to mimic it in the Community Patch but I haven't got around to implement it yet as I'm not sure it's something people would use or believe it's necessary. That's the question I want to ask around: Do you think this security area is a good idea?

Let me clarify one thing: this change won't mean that every nomad game in the Community Patch will have the security area implemented. This will be controlled via the map script and it's possible to have nomad maps with and without the feature.

Feel free to add any comments about it.