you're all mad cute... still thinking....chatting as if any of you were SOMEBODY in this series...
forum posts, and your little co-op/ campaign youtube videos... sickening tbh.. want games? get the game files posted on here.. r6 orig install and 1.04 ... r6 rs orig install and 2.05 ... fix the lobby settings..
and then kindly STFU OR LET IT DIE.. find me on RAVEN SHIELD - STEAM - THESE DAYS... **** is too easy.. really.... it's sad to see a lot of you chatters on here that still owe me reports all these years skill, quick strafe and muscle memory is untouchable.. airport to hacienda to amazon to oil rig..

an+h.:.rwr.:. top 1 experience in the world.. forever clean. forever legit. never forget.. who runs the show. KOR to USA
time is gold...and the time is now.. ;read plz report

.:.rwr.:. world wide international top 1 exp - gold pro... cwn, ogn, vgn - you name it. kings of r6 orig.
r6 orig...any patch. any ladder. 1.04, 1.06, 1.07, 1.09, portal.... to nato2.0v
dev0en.:.rwr.:. 네 머리를 산산이 부숴버릴거야 ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st
.:.rwr kings of ROGUE SPEAR GAMING LADDER voobly.:.
D1ESEL.:.rwr #1 all time spearstats - NEVER forget.. the fall of rwr --- nostrils killed the game
lets bring rougey and r6y back??? vnt all around

[You must login to view link] an+h. aka tom C. // dev0en - rwr training -... legendary
전설은 절대 죽지 않는다 ^^;; fc - only.. time is gold - no vent needed .. 사랑해 devoen ;flowers ;flowers ;flowers ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st ;1st

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take notes ;book ;book rwr team music video

[You must login to view link] 8minute 2:2-;; match -;; no vent needed - ever
an+h.:.rwr world pro route caller/trainer/LDR

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