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Rainbow Six 3 (Raven Shield +) & Rogue Spear, RS 1998, R6 Vegas maps

Poll: Did you play Rainbow Six 3 and did you play any of the Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear maps in R6 3 on PC?
Yes I've played the ported Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear maps
No I did not play any of the ported maps unfortunately

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Like many of you I grew up with original Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Rainbow Six 3 and its what led me into being a level designer for Rainbow Six 3 and now tactical shooter thats being worked on.

Anyways I digress, Rainbow Six 3 Gold (Raven Shield, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath) is still online without the use of third party apps, the server list is intact.

Also, the game features new HD hit effects, new guns, new maps, new iron sights and scopes, new missions, better improved graphics, new models, custom gun camo and a lot more content. The [You must login to view link] servers are the most popular coop servers but there are others too.

We even have an Athena Sword + Iron wrath exclusive server as well as maps from original Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear plus expansions! Such as Bio Lab, Mint, Congo, Amazon, Embassy, Met, Siberian Base 1, Siberian Base 2, Ice Base, Jungle, Slums, Subway and quite a few others!


Patch the game and you will see the servers again. if any questions let me know.

•2021+ Multiplayer Online Patch: [You must login to view link]
(or [You must login to view link])

After patching update connection speed to T3! (Closest to todays standards.)


[You must login to view link] Discord Community!
• Streamer? Promote in #twitch-youtube or promote channel

Thousands of players!

Usually when you join a server in game, people will see you and start joining within a few minutes even if the server was empty as there are players browsing who aren't on Discord as well. However, on the Discord, to find players easier:

1. Get game notifications by clicking the game's icon emoji in #roles-notifications
2. When you want to squad up, you can go to #lfg-rainbowsix3 and tag `@Rainbow Six 3` when you want to find more players to join you who are also on Discord who signed up as well!

• Steam Group! [You must login to view link]
(formerly ALLR6)

• Our Facebook
• YouTube:
• TGI Steam [You must login to view link]

• Brand New Reddit [You must login to view link]
• Instagram [You must login to view link]
• Twitter


Some helpful info:

Set connection speed to T3 in the options menu so you don't lag when joining the server.

Controlling your AI backup : If 2 or less real people playing you both get 3 backup ai, if 3-4 people you each get 1 backup AI, and more than 4 people playing there are no backup ai. You can give them commands press H to hold, J is for rules of engagement and you can hold down action key (space or f?) on a door and see the options for Frag and clear, etc etc. Very useful to use AI backup. If you right click to execute order command it will wait for you to press zulu go (, key) left click is immediate execution of order or point up ahead and you will see the grey icon (white means you will do the action not them)
you can tell them to move ahead of you to clear a hallway and building for example.

Also for some of the new scopes and sights on the ALLR6 servers, press ALT to turn on the magnifier like when using the G33, also ALT changes the crosshair style on some of the sights, and if you hold ALT it changes the colors!

---- Check out some of the latest maps!

Also check out just some the many latest maps!

With more maps coming soon! And several others on the servers like winter, desert maps and more.

Also check out the forums at [You must login to view link]
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Posted 26 June 2021 - 5:18 am
I should mention if anyone is interested in private alpha testing or beta testing for the new game that is being worked on just contact one of the admins or Tactical Gaming Interactive team on the Discord [You must login to view link] or you can post on [You must login to view link] forums
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One more question rather than making a new thread all over... if there was one or two maps you could see remastered for the new game from Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear what would they be?
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Posted 12 July 2021 - 11:15 pm
R6 came out in 1998 .. not rs...
Any R6 Original map would be good

---if RS3 Does not lauunch.. exit steam / re - open..
if the RS3 Launches in window mode--- click on the screen - then press ALT + ENTER to expand

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