I have this problem that has prevented me from playing for days, I have no AutoHotkey program or any hack, nothing like that, the only thing was that I made a change in the hotkeys in the game and apparently it does not let me because it is cheating and they blocked me permanently, so I had to make new accounts to play, but even if I have reset the hotkeys it still blocks my accounts permanently, and if I make a new account it is blocked for 3 days and it keeps showing me that problem of " ypu must uninstall Autohotkey "but as I said I don't have any of that or I don't know if I should do something different so that they stop blocking or banning me. After making me each new account and waiting 3 days to play, they block it again after 2 days, that with each account that I make after each account that they block me and I no longer know what to do I have been repeating this problem for more than 2 weeks .
In short, I changed hot keys one day, my account was permanently blocked at that time, I reset the keys from the game since it seems that those keys cannot be altered, I made a new account, it showed me the error "you must uninstall AutoHotkey ", and I had to wait 3 days to be able to play, already when I had the keys restored to the original ones; I could play for 2 days and the account I had at that time was blocked again, hagp a new account, I wait 3 days again I play 2 days, they block me again, that for 2 weeks and with more than 3 accounts already. I do not know what to do.
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