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Port forwarding not possible because of NATing


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Posted 17 March 2021 - 6:55 am
Voobly is very good platform to play RTS games but the only issue is it requires Dynamic Public IP or static IP so that we can forward the UDP port 16000 or any other which we want. But due to heavy internet users and rapidly increasing demand of internet ISPs now do NATing so the IP address which we get nowadays is masked and is not same as the public IP that is WAN IP. And ISPs ask for extra payments for static IPs which does not seem a wise decision for many users so users simply quit voobly. IF POSSIBLE VOOBLY SUPPORT PLEASE DO SOMETHING SO THAT VOOBLY SERVERS MAY ALLOW IPs OF ALL Range and We can simply play like on other gaming platforms hassle free without this IP requirements for port forwarding..
Many people have this issue ... and in modern times Voobly should become upgraded for all internets.
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Edited 10 April 2021 - 8:17 pm by vazzY00
Hey there Bajarangbali! Also suffered of NATing issues with my current rural ISP. Voobly offers (with no support at all) an alternative proxy tool called userproxyd. You could install it on another host with open ports placed in your region and later link it back with the location with closed ports.

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