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A 3 player cooperative map mix of RPG and Campaign.

Gameplay : Break free form the clutches of vikings, form an alliance and destroy the evil regime. Use relics to upgrade weaponry for special units there are about 10 relics spread across the map some are hidden while some are cursed.

Available Special Units

Player 1 Siege Unit
Player 2 Gunner
Player 3 Armored Cavalry

Total of 5 different upgrades available for each unit.
Recommended map settings to improve game experience :-
Player 4 Civ Vikings
Player 5 Civ Korean
Player 6 Civ Huns
Player 7 Civ Saracens ( Barbarian AI is recommended for p7 )
Player 8 Civ Mayans

Jail Breakers V1 B1.scx (file size: 162.17 KB)