First of all, I want to mention that I made the first version of this map way back in 2005 or so, but continued making improvements every now and then until this year. Since I have not submitted it to any other map making challenge before and the rules did not state explicitly that the entire map had to be created during the past year(s), I am assuming I'm allowed to participate... but feel free to exclude me from winning any prizes if submitting such an old map is considered cheating -- I am really mostly adding this to make the competition more interesting for everyone (:

That said, here is MONKEY RACING, a map I tested in online games a lot in the past and which is therefore already loved by many, but probably hated by more :D ...since there is a lot of potential for trolling other players and for frustration, both of which I tried to mitigate when making changes in the past. For those who haven't played it, here is how it works: Each player starts with a Furious the Monkey Boy, with wich they have to overcome obstacles and finish mini games in order to reach the finish line as fast as possible. Other players' monkeys can be killed, in which case they respawn at the last checkpoint. After reaching the finish line, the player is rewarded with villagers (and several hero units) and can either build a wonder or start building an economy/army to prepare to fight other players when they finish. Besides literally giving players a head start, finishing before others will also grant more resources and stronger heroes. The game can be won by (a) building and defending a wonder for a certain amount of time or (b) killing all other players (which can be achieved by razing their 'killswitch' buildings). Stopping the winner of the race from actually winning the whole game will require the combined efforts of all other players in most cases.

Recommended settings:
All 8 player slots *must* be filled; use AI players if necessary (the AI will even participate in the race, although it's not very successful most of the time)
FFA (Diplomacy could be an option as well)
Game Speed - Fast
Reveal Map - All Visible for new players, Standard for advanced players
Victory - Standard (to enable winning by building a wonder)
Monkey Racing V104a.scx (file size: 276.82 KB)