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New units you create or convert will appear on your spawn island (not seige, monks or vils).
Units placed on the flag will be spawned at your tc.
You can put 2 units on the flag, they will spawn at the same time.
Send unwanted units to the snow between the graves to be deleted.
Send a unit to an ally's snow to allow them to spawn that unit (not heroes).
Kills and razes will give you resources.
Occupying the center area will also give you resources.
Use your Town Center to advance through ages and create better units.
Heroes arrive after 1000 kills or 5 razes (check hints).
You can only spawn 1 hero + 1 regular unit at any time.

Don't try and kill your own troops, it wont work.

1000 kills: Sythian Scout
1250 kills: Robin
1500 kills: Nevski
1750 kills: Martel
2000 kills: Khan

5 razes: Archer of Eyes
10 razes: Modred
15 razes: Harald
20 razes: Sabotai
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