Open Enrollment begins at 12 pm PST, Saturday. Oct. 3rd and ends at 12 pm PST, Sunday. Nov 1st.

Please review the articles below and follow the instructions there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Member Plus Program is:

● Your way of getting in on the fast-paced action of Voobly.
● Your way to participate on Voobly by making friends, having fun, and sharing your gaming knowledge and expertise with others.
● Your way of helping to shape Voobly into the best community and gaming site on the Web.

How do I become a Plus Member?

You can become a Plus Member in one of two ways: Enrollment or Nomination.

What is Enrollment?

On enrollment days, applications are accepted and can be submitted on the link at the end of this thread. Then, your application will be reviewed. If you are selected, you will be sent information via inbox, and you will receive a privileged account.

What are Nominations?

During nominations, certain staff members are allowed to nominate one person to become a Plus Member who has shown a positive, helpful attitude toward other players. These Plus Members will then send in their nomination. Note that during nominations, the Plus Member who is nominating you will need to have contact with you so he/she can gather the correct information to send to their Department Lead.

What exactly are the requirements to become a Plus Member?

● A clean Voobly record. (Short term toolings, such as mutes or kicks, are somewhat acceptable, but no bans in the past 6 months)
● At least 18 years of age.
● A 6-month old Voobly account.
● A nickname that is not affiliated with a team or clan.
● Fluent at English.
● Be available to assist to our weekly meetings.

Difference between committee's:

Game Specific Committee (VGaming) — This group helps their fellow players with actual game play. If you are a game wizard, or you just like helping folks with game play and strategy, this group is for you!

Technical Support Committee (VTech) — This group does not require much explanation. If you are a computer wizard and knowledgeable about technical issues associated with Voobly, or you want to learn more about technology and Voobly, you will enjoy this committee.

Tournament Committee (VCom) — These Member Pluses help to run user-created tournaments on Voobly. If you like to play in these tournaments and like meeting your fellow players, this group is for you!

These Committees are self-governed by Member Pluses and mediated by a Committee Lead –Committee accomplishments in their respective areas of site expertise depend entirely on goals and interest areas for which the Committee members decide to strive. Your Committee membership will allow you to become more deeply involved in the areas of Voobly you find the most exciting. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet some like-minded gamers!

Note to Applicants:

● Submit only one application. If you submit more than one, your applications will be voided and automatically declined.
● Do not ask for the status of your application, we will contact you if you have been accepted.
● Only apply if you are active on Voobly.
● VGaming is not the same as the Technical Support department.

The only way to become a Plus Member is to follow one of the two procedures above. There is no "quick way" to become a Plus Member: Don't let anyone fool you into giving your login information, to [You must login to view link], or anywhere. [You must login to view link] does not need your account information, and no legitimate staff member will ask you to do so. If you have given account information to someone, change your password immediately.

Good luck to all applicants!

Follow the link here for the questions: