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TAW Age Of Empires II: DE
TAW is currently recruiting members for our new Age Of Empires II: DE Division. We need active players that love the game just like we do. We offer over 2000+ active members spread over 50+ games within our community. We are highly organized by using military ranking structure with a fully developed website and shop. We hold tournaments on a regular basis of all game types. (Age of Empires Tournaments will be setup soon). Also, we offer the 2nd largest teamspeak server in the world where each game has its own area within the teamspeak server.

Requirements to join:
    Age: 16+
    Comms: Willing to use teamspeak
    Activity: Ability to attend events held weekly (Excusal system if not able to attend)
    Language: Be able to speak/understand english (doesnt have to be perfect)
    Region: All regions are welcome and encouraged to apply
    Apply at [You must login to view link] recruited by: Stiigletz
    For any questions contact me through discord. Stiigletz#9263
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Posted 20 February 2021 - 11:40 pm
you guys play world of tanks too ?

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