As of the last version of the WololoKingdoms installer, the offline version still presents somes probles to run. Last year I got it to work, thanks to some library I can not find anymore so sorry for not giving credit. I'm sharing it here in case it helps anyone else.
After WololoKingdoms has been installed you can remove the folder "compatslp" as this folder breaks the interface. This is explained here.
In order to make WololoKingdoms work offline you need two more steps:
  1. Copy the file "language.dll" attached to the message to the folder "age2_x1" next to WK.exe. This should fix the fonts.
  2. In the folder "data", delete the file "blendomatic.dat", make a copy of "blendomatic_x1.dat" and rename it "blendomatic.dat".
    As far as I know, not having "blendomatic.dat" as a copy of the other prevented the offline version to play. I haven't encounter errors produced because of the change, neither on WK or the user patch, but feel free to backup "blendomatic.dat" before deleting it.
It may be the case that the font still doesn't look right. This may be because your coumputer is missing the font files, the font you are looking for is Lucida Blackletter.
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The folder of the offline version is "Games\WololoKingdoms" There you can see that most of the files are links to the online WololoKingdoms folder. Having maps, AI, or saved games in one game makes them accessible in the other.
language.dll (file size: 488 KB)