AoC hotkeys issue : not working


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Posted 3 May 2020 - 12:15 pm
Hi all,
I just started to use Voobly and I am quite excited! Thank you very much for your effort developing this.

After installing the patches on AoC (v1.5 RC), I found out that the hotkeys does not work. For instance, I cannot delete buildings/kill units using supr key. Farmer does not respond to 'C' or 'B' keys in default settings. And all units are assigned to enter building by Default (the same as if I press permantely 'G'); so if I get villagers to the Town Centre, they enter the building instead of deliver the resources.

My settings: I am running AoC in Linux using PlayOnLinux and Voobly. A second virtual partition for the original AoC (without patches) works perfectly in terms of resolution, hotkeys, etc. I have tested it already. But Voobly launches the AoC with the patches with this hotkey issue.

Thanks for your help!
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Join Date: 3 May 2020
Posted 3 May 2020 - 5:48 pm
It seems that I have found the cause of my issue. It is actually related to how the windows of the program is emulated in Wine on PlayOnLinux. So I guess it is related to Linux users, but not related to the patch. Although I cannot reproduce it in the original game (without the patch). Probably it is due to the improved resolutions that I aim to use because those are great! (good job guys!), and these are a bit tricky on Linux.

The issue happens when I restore the windows of the program during the game. It seems that the key 'Alt' is permantely pressed after restoring the game. Then, this triggers the permantent 'G' function in units while the hotkeys are unable to use as in the normal mode.

The reason I was restoring the windows of the program is because in Wine, the loading stage of the game changes the windows size that cropped the resolution to 800x600 pixels size. Thus it is a bit tricky how to minimize and maximize the windows to refresh the graphics for Linux Users and restore the actual resolution. At least, I found a good balance to do it so in Ubuntu 18.04 with Wine 3.0.3 on PlayOnLinux using the special key to manage windows: without minimazing; I could refresh graphics pressing the special key twice. Hope that it helps to other Linux players.

Thanks for your attention!
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Posted 4 May 2020 - 6:34 am
Thank you for sharing this information with us; we always recommend to play Voobly on Windows as it is easier :)

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