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Coming to the Topic
I am not the right guy to comment on the Map play , just a suggestions if all feel its right can go for changes.
- In most of the FFA Games Players are going more for Beli right from start of game after getting 20 razes and they camp from there and all of sudden they come out to kill whatever is thrown at them ( it may be martels or robins or subos). It is unfair , coz u play hard to get martels and can be defeated easily by a personn who camps for whole game using beli.

To make it fair
- Make beli expensive closer to martels like 8 kings and refund 2 kings after purchase. Or atleast 7 kings.
- Make Beli power for AP little slower if they are staying at their bases ( can be made for all bases cause in FFA they will camp in near by base if there is no enemy ). Make them to come out fight like how martels or subos are. So they will power up normally if they are in fighting or standing in common area for all 8 players.
- Push Theo and Williams +1 kings or even +2 kings with 1 king refund after purchase.
- If there are two players one goes for Theo and other for Gengis Khan , mostly Theo will win , even they are cheaper by a king. So mostly people go for Theo instead of Khans. Finally whole game ends like camping.
- Make the map intersting like that all will fight rather than camping the whole time.
- I feel RCB is most balanced map , hope the map is made more playable.