Yesterday I downloaded AGE3 to start modding again in AoC. I used previous versions of AGE in 2012 - 2014, so I know my way around the program and it was always working fine for me. But now something strange happens. When I make changes in the "empires_x1_p1.dat" file, they don't show up in the game itself.

When it didn't work in a Data Mod I made in the Voobly Mods folder, I tried changing the original game files to check if it would work, but it doens't. Last try: I downloaded an existing mod (Sheep vs Wolf 2) to open the files and see if I could see the changes. When I leave the folder path for the drs files on the original folder it's ok, and I can see the different unit's from the data file (just not the new graphics). But when I change the folder location to the data folder included in the mod, AGE3 crashes seconds after opening the files.

Since I have been gone from modding for some years, and I figured stuff has changed in the meantime, I read all the manuals here on Voobly and what more I could find (original AGE3 thread on AoKHeaven). Can somebody maybe help me point in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

I searched the internet for people with the same problem and there seem to be a few, but in question threads there are no solutions as far as I could find.

I have UserPatch v1.5 installed.