1st/2nd game dropping in the beginning


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Posted 17 March 2020 - 3:38 pm
Every time I log in, the very first (and sometimes second) game drops- always within 1 min game-time, lobby and chat gets disconnected as well. Game 3 onward everything is fine-. I almost exclusively play 1v1 games. This observation is consistent for past year or so. If I spectate games after logging in, I have no issues. But then I play the very first game- I have a drop. And later its all good for several hours.

Why is it so likely to happen with the first and 2nd games? And why does it happen within 1st min of gametime and almost never in midgame?
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Hi mate,

Can you paste here the screenshot/result of game and network diagnostic?

Make sure also to add voobly, game and expansions to the exception of your antivirus.

Make sure also to allow voobly, game and expansions in the inbound rules of your firewall.

How you connected to internet while playing?

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