Request for CBA HERO TURBO rated map on Voobly.

Poll: Do you want Cba Hero Turbo rated map on voobly?
1.Yes ! Why not ,for a change.
2.No.I prefer regular cba hero only.

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Hello Developers!

I am here to request the initiation of Cba Hero Turbo Rated map on voobly.It is an advanced and faster version than Cba Hero,less time consuming and more fun to play. I am requesting this on behalf of Cba Hero community on G a m e R a n g e r.This particular map is frequently played on G a m e R a n g e r.Although, there are lot of crashing and hacking issues on that platform, which Voobly is immune of.So kindly consider this request !

Some distinctive features of CBA HERO TURBO are:
1. Hero pawn is faster.
2.Razing is not important as in v15 map.
3.King Panic Scorpions are available to be used once to protect the base from enemies attack.
4.The victory depends on gaining more kills and collaboration(Unlike v15 where you must raze).
5.No Booter.

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its fun to play this map. this version is advanced mixture of 2 most played maps CBA HERO v15 and CBA HERO bad attitude. This map has faster spawn that's why it is named as TURBO. it has following features;

in first 90 sec, it is allowed to opt ;
a) herald or Goth ,
b) pop limit 250/500/1000 ,
c) king panic allowed or not
d) play CBA hero / original
e) super GK allowed or not , (Super GK with 30000hp and 30000attack will come at 2000Kills)
f) center kills allowed or not (on visit of mid after 3 min 10 kills tribute, same as in v15)
g) cannon ship allowed or not. An extra protection from invasion. just ahead of castles to stop enemy on gates.
h) another

Army on kills (same as in CBA HERO Bad_attitude map)
200 - Robins
400 - Herald or Goth
600 - Charles Martel
800 - Sabutai
1000 -Genghis Khan

Civilization features , techniques, range and razes required for villagers is same as in both maps.
it fixed following issues of bad_attitude map, blue can have Aztec pop. Persia with 20+ Hp and 10% fast move. Teuton with 10% fast move.

it's fun to play CBA HERO TURBO map. A number of players play this version on daily basis at another known forum "g a m e r a n g e r" but voobly is better forum than it. it will be more fun to play a rated game on voobly.
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Hi mate,

Sorry for the delayed answer, please check this:
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Posted 15 December 2019 - 10:40 am
One of the best CBA Maps that has been unrated until now on voobly. Hope that the developers and Voobly administration would consider it this time.
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Hello, do you have a copy of the map? There are also no screenshots of the map :(
Hi mate,
Sorry for the delayed answer, please check this: Rules for adding a RATED Map on Voobly.

You can first try to host your map here on Voobly. Voobly's Casual Lobby is great for hosting and getting players to try new maps without rating pressures. Please let me know how I can help you.

Without the map itself we can't do much. Just click reply on my post and you can add the attached map file on the bottom. Help us, help you ;lol :D


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