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Posted 31 July 2019 - 1:29 am
Torm aka +[UB]Elusive is currently inactive and is the only person that can develop on Voobly because he owns Voobly. They won't just hire a developer that they don't know and give him that much power to Voobly.

Just be patient he will be back soon enough.

according to his profile he was last online Today.
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Edited 7 August 2019 - 7:38 am by GS_iQuo
There are 2 things i want to mention and seek attention and answer to right now. From anyone who has better knowledge on the topic, or in is opsitioon to answer.

1: Source of Income of Voobly.
The Internet Industry, which includes Games Industry or Streaming Industry, examples, F2P games like Fortnite, Dota2, and stream and Video services like [You must login to view link] or [You must login to view link], seem to be extremely shady, about where their income source comes from.
For games like Fortnite or Dota2 or CSGO, they say, it comes from cosmetic items. But really, to think of it, these games send out tons of data to millions or PC's worldwide every second.
I really do not think they can afford to pay those bills with Skins.
Simmilarly, Youtube and [You must login to view link] sends **** ton of data for every stream. A vague answer to that as well is, advertisements. But i dont think, me watching some random ad, pays for the months and months of free video content.
Infact, if anything, these companies pratically endorse and promote data usage at all times. Like 1080p or 2k or 4k and even 8k. Youtube even has an "algorithm" that will promote longer videos, absurd videos where 10 sec clip is on repeat for 24hrs watched millions of times over.
Which makes me think, massive companies like these, are owned by top tier ISP's or top tier ISP's pay them a cut, from all our internet bills.
That explains why these companies consistently endorse more and more data usage.
So, i am sure, as small as voobly may be, its internet supply is covered by some Server Hub, that hosts many such small systems like voobly, and actually gets a cut from data uploaded to different peers as opposed to the notion suggested, it costs them.
Even Voobly increased its data used by atleast 100 times when it started the spectator mode. Not complaining about it, but i can tell very well, its data usage increased by atleast 100 times than since before when it was not having spectator. And if Voobly could run just enough before spectator, it would shutdown after spectator, since it would make huge losses.
So i think even Voobly gets a cut from my internet bill. There is just no way that skins and adverts and premiums keep these systems afloat. Thats just a lie to push forward ****ty agendas in the form of adverts.
Example would, me recieving advert for Islam and Eid when at the same time, there was violent activity related to islam in the news.
Anyway to get back to the point, voobly gets a cut from my internet bill. thats how these systems work in my opinion, and i would like you to educate me on this otherwise. I would like you to explain how voobly can afford spectator, with the same percentage of premium account holders than as before when there was no spectator.

2. Why not open up Voobly.
Open up voobly. let everyone be able to modify it as per his will and submit a copy of the code to be passed and accepted by some main people at voobly.
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Edited 3 August 2019 - 7:58 am by GS_iQuo
Here's more Food for thought, based on the idea that these streaming and gaming companies, get a portion of your internet bill.

Amazon is one of the top most Server hosting companies. To my knowledge, it hosts many gaming and streaming servers including twitch.tv. And heres the important part. Twitch Prime. You get twtich prime when you get amazon prime. While that is the fake show they have put up, the reality is quite different.
Sure twitch prime subs may be real, but the reality is, these subs are often spammed by bots. They costs nothing they are just fake chat notifications, to spread a fake notion. The real business is, Amazon Servers have deals with top tier ISPs, where in they get paid for traffic in their servers. Amazon then pays a cut to respective buisiness depending on which the traffic has been. And when amazon bought twtich, well, they thought why not create a notion that every buys amazon prime by linking some **** with some other ****, and spamming it all over.
Also further ahead down the line, twitch will pay the respective channels a cut depending on their traffic as well. Notice how these streamers expand the lenght of their stream with any excuse possible. " oh! my friend is around the block. hold on chat, this will take a while."
or "girlfrind in the phone. shes wants some theing to eat. lets decide what".

While i dont know what youtube has its servers on, Notice how each and every content creator, spams, audible (another amazon), or patreon, or some other ****, over on top of adsense google adverts.
Notice how all of them have an intro to their videos. Not just the audio visual, but also vocal. And simmilarly with a closer. It is all the add up to data usage by lengthineng the video. More data send to your pc, means, bigger their cut.
Channels like MKHD, always and always perpetually stress on more pixels per inch. even notions like 4k gaming. because that means you will atleast consider swtiching from 720p to 1080 or 2k while watching gaming streams.
i am sure even voobly gets a cut of your internet bill.
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Posted 3 August 2019 - 1:57 pm
I get dodgy emails with a email i only use for voobly
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Posted 3 August 2019 - 2:16 pm
I get dodgy emails with a email i only use for voobly

Sincere suggestion, never use real email accounts for dodgy sites.

I ways use 10minute email (temp email) for registration on voobly.
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Posted 5 August 2019 - 8:15 pm
Bolt wrote:
according to his profile he was last online Today.

He was online today as well.
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Posted 26 August 2019 - 1:15 am
find this really very responsive appreciated it guys..

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