Hello Guys and Girls!

Let me introduce myself first: the first time i played Jurassic Park was about three years ago. Since then, i havnt been playing real aoe2 any more! On Steam we got a lot of different Jurassic Park Scenarios and Maps.

We got Qwerty's, ANH's, Pren's, SpoOky's and Skonkwork's Jurassic Park maps.
The Basics are the same everywhere: try to survive 2h from OP Dinosaurs.

Last year i heard a rumor about a graphic mod of Jurassic Park. But they said it didnt work for Steam, only for Voobly. So I went and installed Voobly and read a lot about modding and the differences about Voobly's AOE2 and Steam's AOE2 and in the end i was able to have the Jurassic 2 mod for Steam's AOE2, which was nice. But when i realized that the T-Rex was originally from Zoo Tycoon's Dinosaur Digs, i got curious and greedy and i wanted to add all the Dinosaurs from there to AOE2. And I did!

With a lot of support and encouragement from Mario AR., I finished the QASPS Dinosaurs mod in the very beginning of 2019 and just after some days it had more than 1000 downloads and every Jurassic Park Lobby used it! Since then, Steam's Jurassic Park Community is growing and we made a lot of new maps and also established a [You must login to view link].

Anyway, on Steam the modding is limited. Our Dinosaurs mod is only a visual mod since every Scenario Designer used slightly different Triggers to change the units' poperties. But before we had the visual mod, we had nothing. We were playing with Tarkans, Elephants and Mangudai and imagined those were Dinosaurs. Can u imagine this?

Either way, I had the Idea of giving you those Dinosaurs, since i know here on Voobly you can do much more modding than we in Steam could ever do. I hope you'll have a lot of fun with it.

QASPS Dinosaurs for Voobly

QASPS Dinosaurs


Qwerty, ANH, SpoOky, Pren and Skonk Dinosaurs Graphic Mod by Peach AR.

This mod will make
x pikeman look like velociraptor
x teutonic knights look like coleophysis
x paladin look like spinosaurus
x plumbed archer look like caudipteryx
x tarkan look like allosaurus
x war elephant look like t-rex
x mangudai look like herrerasaurus
x cataphract look lkike camptosaurus
x capped ram look like ankylosaurus
x siege ram look like stegosaurus
x trade cog look like like giant tortoise
x fast fire ship look like plesiosaurus
x galleon look like deinosuchus
x wolf look like triceratops
x jaguar look like styracosaurus
x deer look like apatosaurus
x sheep look like lambeosaurus
x battering ram look like jeep

The dinosaurs are from Zoo Tycoon's Dinosaur Digs
The Jeep is made by AbeJin (Thank you so much!)

Have this nice graphic mod to see Dinosaurs when you play any of those maps:
Qwerty, ANH Editions, SpoOky, Pren and Skonk
(Or any other map that includes those units)

If you encounter any problems or if you just want to talk about Jurassic Park on AOE2,
[You must login to view link] and feel free to contact me!

Jurassic Park [Qwerty] ANH 1_3_2

Click here for 1:5 map.

This Scenario is originally from Qwerty (click [You must login to view link] for the Workshop on Steam),
adapted and expanded by Mario AR. and Capt Styx (click [You must login to view link] for the Workshop on Steam),
maintained and ported to Voobly by Peach AR.

How to play?
    Build an outpost to see your allies.
    Run and establish a base.
    Build lumber camp to generate wood,
    Build mining camp to generate stone + gold.
    Build a barracks to upgrade walls to fortified.
    Wall yourself in, and build many towers for defense.
    Build an archery range to upgrade towers.
    Build a blacksmith to gain AP per time.
    Build a market and a towncenter. Advance to Imperial Age.
    Buy tower AP to fend off dinos.
    Die, then try again.
Improve your speed and technique.
Team up with another player, have twice the chance to survive.
Share roles and establish a strong base quickly.

    Player Colors in order
    Resources: Standard
    Reveal Map: Explored
    Starting Age: Standard
    Ending Age: Standard
    Teams: none
    unlocked Teams

If you like this map and want to make your own layout:
You can edit every part of the map but the top corner (top of the cliffs), hunter spawn island and survivor spawn island. To place ruins (powerups), place a Camel (owned by GAIA). Thats all neded. A building (owned by GAIA) can be added to make the powerup look (better?). For this purpose, you can use an outpost or a house, actually any building, but those two will get the HP changed to 1 and its name changed too. Remember: too long paths will make the game boring for hunter, and too short ones will make the game impossible. Don't forget to change the name of the map (don't change version number, just add your name or something).