A brand new scenario combining the features of a Black forest and sea game!
A 4v4 map game built on a giant map platform:
    Population: 300
    Type: Cooperative 4v4 game
    Average game duration: 30mins up to 1hr30 or more
    Map size: Giant
    Each player starts with
3 villagers, 2 Trade cogs, 1 Transport ship, 1 Scout, 8 sheeps, 2boars, 8berries, 7stone pills and 7 stone gold.
Each team got 6 towers (3 on each side) and 2 castles (1 on each side) with additional 5 towers on the center

Similarities with the other maps:
1)Players got the time to build up their economy like in black forest game, instead of trees, towers will act like a defensive barrier
2)Very organized, clear and simple to understand/play
3)A super cooperative game type field with amazing stuffs
4)Got a massive potential to be popular among voobly users.

Vote if you want to see this game played on voobly please! thanks for your time <3
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