TWP-IRONWOLF here and googled my old R6 clan TWP TheWolfPack and found my name listed in one of the top players threads. Brings back some old memories and they don't make games like they used to! :) To all the good times and old schoolers out there that were all HB sensor, nade tossing, corner strafing maniacs. Beers for everyone and they are on me!

Shout out to TWP-Scared of which moved 1 mile from my house while the clan was still active many years ago and had no idea where I lived at the time. Strange indeed. To all the other TWP members over the years, it was an honor!

Been married 27 years now, have two kids that just left for college in the last few years and have been to the 5 time Crossfit Games athlete w/3 podium finishes. Just a few snapshots in time of my life since the R6, Ghost Recon, Siege era!

TWP-IRONWOLF aka crossfitbrent