Can you add three ladders to AOC
1. DM Overall (Adding or taking average of DM 1v1 and TG Rate)
2.RM Overall(Adding or taking average of RM 1v1 and TG Rate)
3. CS Overall
3.AOC Overall(Adding or taking average of all pts to check where a player stands)
they will be extra ladders no merging
Many players point trade on one ladder so they get higher rate
It seperates good from bad also tell exactly where a player stands it will also tell player overall IQ and it's just extra adding no deleting stuff so it doesn't affect old system either
Also make a handicap ladder for DM RM and CS
and free For all Fight ladder for DM RM AND CS

The idea was implemented before back in 2012 or 2013 but they removed don't know why it was really good idea