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Posted 8 March 2018 - 2:49 am
i want to know what are the things that have been changed in different voobly patches.where can i find the information about patches
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Edited 26 April 2018 - 11:54 am by +[OB_]ChronoJJ
Bug fixes:

Docks now shoot at all naval myth units.
DeathMatch no longer researches the "Disable Atlantean Favor" technology.
Meteor, Pestilence, Restoration and Lightning storm now display their real range.
Great Hunt, Undermine, and Frost are fully accurate.
Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to fix the caravan drop-off bug.
Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.
Helepolis / Petrobolos / Ballista receive bonus damage against gates due to always missing every projectile but one (x3/x3/x4 bonus respectively).
Petrobolos and Ballista receive bonus damage against towers, due to almost always missing one (or more) projecticles (x1.5 and x1.33, respectively).
Titan gates are now deletable.
Tornado can't be manually controlled anymore.
Ajax Spawn hack eliminated.
Hippolyta’s minion conversion bug fixed.
Gastraphetes can now be garrisoned.
Sun Ray technology now affects Medusas.
Argo now gets the hero flag and is not affected by myth unit special attacks.
Healing Spring can't be deconstructed anymore.
Undermine now affects mirror towers.
The Kraken special attack now works on the Atlantean Fireship.
Walking Woods can now be cast on Gaia's forest.
Set animals are no longer ignored by frost.
Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables and are affected by Traitors.
Leviathans now use the aggressive stance by default.
Sea Snakes are now able to attack Leviathans/Nereids.
New Kingdom Pharaohs and Son of Osiris are now affected by Funeral Rites and Spirit of Maat.
New Kingdom Pharaohs are no longer slower than the basic ones.
Rain no longer creates an effect above docks/fishing ships.
Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor.
Oracle Scout can now be garrisoned and is affected by all myth unit special attacks.
Oracle Hero's default stance changed to aggressive (from passive).
Fire siphons are now able to hit buildings from high/low ground at max range.
Destroyers’ bonus attack now affects buildings generated by god powers
Transport ships can no longer carry Nereids.
Omniscience research button moved so that it no longer sits on top of Kronos's timeshift button.
Tusk of the Iron Boar relic now affects Contarius Hero (before it affected Contarius, but not the hero).
The Reed of Nekhebet (scenario only) relic now affects Nereides.

General Balance Changes:

Maps updated to be more streamlined, less buggy, and have more varied town center placement.
Frozen Wastes, Painted Desert, Sacred Pond, and Blue Lagoon have been added into the standard random map set.
Reduced wall repair rate by 65%.
Wall hack armor reduced from 64% to 45%.
Walls for the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian cost 50% more, to match the Atlantean wall price.
a. Wall column - 5 (from 3)
b. Wall segment short - 9 (from 6)
c. Wall segment medium - 9 (from 6)
d. Wall segment long - 23 (from 15)
e. Gate - 23 (from 15)
Secret of the Titans research time increased to 90 seconds (from 60).
Dock attack reduced to 8 (from 10) ; Dock range reduced to 18 (from 20).
Villagers' attack bonus against siege units has been reduced by half (to x1.5, or x2 for Atlantean). However, Atlantean villagers retain their attack bonus (x4) against the Siege Tower and Helepolis. Dwarves now receive the reduced attack bonus (they did not have any bonus before).
The Guard Tower technology increases tower attack by +40%, instead of +70%. The Ballista Tower technology increases tower attack by +33%, instead of +50%.
The Scarab Pendant Relic's attack boost for the Portable Ram, the Helepolis, and the Siege Tower has been reduced to +20% (from +100%).

Greek Balance Changes:

Trireme Range decreased to 14 (from 16).
Restoration duration decreased to 6 seconds (from cool.gif.
Underworld Passage's repair rate reduced by 75%.
Collosus train time increased by 10 seconds (to 34), and their gold cost increased to 400 (from 300).
Scylla favor cost increased to 20 Favor (from 15).
Shafts of Plague (Artemis' technology) now also affects Gastraphetes and Peltasts.
Forge of Olympus's favor cost reduced to 35 (from 60). Research time increased to 60s (from 30). Its effect on armory technologies reduced to -60% (from -75%).
Cyclops' upgrade Will of Kronos' favor cost reduced to 10 (from 25).
Centaur's special multiplier on villagers does 25% less damage (requiring 2 specials and 2 regular attacks for a non-atlantean villager kill).
Zeus's favor gathering bonus reduced to .30 (from .38).
Bolt can no longer be used on villagers and myth transport units.
Bolt now deals roughly half damage to Nidhogg and Son of Osiris (instead of killing them).
Bellerephon's special attack's recharge increased to 15 seconds (from 5).
Polyphemus’ speed increased to 4.0 (from 3.5), his melee range increased to .5 (both attack and special), and he deals +300% attack vs buildings.
Hetairoi's hitpoints increased by 20, to 130. Towers do 50% less damage vs Hetairoi and other building do 25% less.
Perseus’ special attack range increased to 7 (from 5).
Shades are now affected by armory upgrades.
Gastraphetes' wood cost reduced by 20, to 100.
Vaults of Erebus's food cost reduced to 100 (from 150).

Norse Balance Changes:

Initial Ulfsark replaced by a Skraeling, with stats modified to match the Ulfsark. This initial Ulfsark can be placed into passive stance (Alt+S), and it cannot be bolted.
Ulfsarks receive a 10% bonus vs Cavalry.
Bragi's Swine Array gives Ulfsarks +90% bonus vs Cavalary, instead of +100%.
Every infantry line upgrade gives Throwing Axemen +1 range.
Axe of Muspell available in Classical Age rather than in Heroic Age. Axe of Muspell's gold cost reduced to 100 (from 250) favor cost reduced to 5 (from 10).
Axe of Muspell now grants Throwing Axemen a 2.5 attack bonus against flying units (previously was just 2).
Berserkergang's favor cost reduced to 30 (from 45).
Safeguard (Heimdall's tower tech) can now be researched in the temple (previously just the town center).
Ballista crush attack increased to 5 (from 4).
Ballista now automatically attack units instead of buildings.
The Portable Ram's hack armor increased to 10% (from 5%).
The Portable Ram's speed increased to 3.5 (from 3.25), and its training time decreased to 15s (from 20).
Dwarven Auger's speed boost on rams diminished to +11.15% (from +20%), and its training time boost decreased to -33% (from -50%). Dwarven Auger's favor cost reduced from 35 to 30.
(these 2 Portable Ram changes mean the basic Portable Ram is now improved, but the Portable Ram with Dwarven Auger ends up with the same statistics as before)
Flaming Weapons can now be cast anywhere on the map (does not have to be used on a unit).
Flaming Weapons effect on Ragnarok Heroes decreased from +11 attack to +6 attack.
Walking Woods now spawns 6 controllable trees. The trees have a population cost of 1 per tree and their HP and attack have been lowered to help balance them due to being player-controlled.
(300 HP decreased to 280HP, 8 hack damage decreased to 6.6, 30 crush damage decreased to 18.)
Fenris Wolf pack bonus increased to 16% (from 15%).
The Nidhogg's speed increased to 4.0 (from 3.7).
The Mountain Giant's cost decreased to 250F 25Fv (from 300F 27Fv).
Ring Giver's research time reduced by 40%, to 36 seconds, and the favor cost reduced to 20 (from 30).
Odin's Jarl's receive an additional 5% hitpoint bonus (to 15%).
Odin's ravens spawn upon the initial temple being built, rather than upon reaching Classical Age.
Odin’s regeneration rate improved so that it now also has an active regeneration (same regeneration rate whether the unit is active or standing still). The active regeneration rate is .2 HP/Second in Classical Age, .3 HP/Second in Heroic Age, and .4 HP/Second in Mythic Age.
Loki's Battle Boar's speed decreased by 12% (to 4.75, from 5.40
Loki's automatic Hersir speed boost lowered to +.3 (from .4). As Loki, Hall of Thanes gives a +.8 speed boost (decreased from 1.1).
Eyes in The Forest (Loki's unique technology) now additionally gives Hersir +.4 speed.
(this means Heimdall Hersir can achieve +.3 speed than ever before, but Forseti Hersir remain the same)

Egyptian Balance Changes:
Slingers receive +1 range from the Medium Slingers upgrade.
Axemen receive +10% additional pierce armor (to 15%).
Shifting Sands can no longer shift enemy villagers or ox carts.
Catapult's population increased by 1 (to 4).
Mercenary Infantry's training time increased to 4 seconds (from 1), lifespan decreased to 35 seconds (from 40).
Mercenary Cavalry's train time increased to 6 seconds (from 3), lifespan decreased to 35 seconds (from 40).
Medjay's lifespan bonus for Mercenaries decreased to +20 seconds (from +30).
Roc's speed decreased to 4.5 (from
Camelry's training time reduced to 7 seconds (from 9); pierce armor increased to 35% (from 30%).
Avenger's favor cost reduced to 25 (from 30), speed increased to 5.5 (from 5.3).
Phoenix's hitpoints increased to 450 (from 400), attack increased to 40 (from 30), speed increased to 4 (from 3.6), favor cost reduced to 25 (from 30).
Phoenix reborn from the eggs now cost only 10 favor (from 25). The egg's hitpoints increased to 400 (from 300), and Phoenix takes 10 seconds to be reborn.
Set's converted animals have a 10% speed penalty in the Archaic Age.
All of Set's animals have their attack reduced by 65% in Archaic Age (previously 40%).
It now takes longer for Set priests to convert some animals, as follows:
a. Lion increased to 60s (from 30 - to match other animals with the same statistics).
b. Boar, Auroch, Water Buffalo, and Hippopotamus to 70s, (from 60).
c. Rhinoceros and Elephant to 80s (from 70).
Set's animals spawned from the Pharoah and temple have been improved, as follows:
a. Ape of Set - Favor cost lowered to 3 in Archaic age, 2 in Classical age.
b. Gazelle of Set - Favor cost lowered to 2, available food increased to 100.
c. Hyena of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.
d. Giraffe of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3, available food increased to 200.
e. Crocodile of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.
f. Hippopatamos of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4, available food increased to 300.
g. Rhinoceros of Set - Favor cost reduced to 6.
h. These animals all have a population of 1, exept for the Rhinoceros, which is 2.
Skin of the Rhino can now be researched in the temple, but not until the Classical Age.
Feral can now be researched in the temple, but not until the Classical Age.
Serpent Spear's cost decreased to 175 Food 10 Favor (from 250F 12 favor).
Necropolis boosts Monuments' favor gather rate by +30% (from +10%).
Sea Snake's armor increased to 30/35 (from 5/20). Serpeant's armor increased to 30/35 (from 15/20).
Eclipse now improves minion attack by only 25% (was 50%).

Atlantean Balance Changes:
All hero training cost reduced by 30%, rounded down to the nearest 0 or 5.
Shockwave's stun time by reduced to 2 seconds (from 4).
Valor now has 2 charges, instead of 3.
Contarius and Contarius Hero hitpoints increased by 5 (to 135/150), hack armor increased to 20% (from 15%), and pierce armor increased to 25% (from 15%).
Contarius' food cost decreased to 60 (from 70). Contarius' hero's food cost decreased to 80 (from 85).
Lance of Stone now gives Contarius +150% attack vs buildings. (decreased from +200%).
The Medium Cavalry technology is now automatically researched upon reaching the Heroic Age.
Draft Horses can now be researched at the Palace.
Fire Siphons receive +1 base range. The technology Engineers now gives +2 range to Fire Siphons.
Fire Siphons population cost decreased to 4 (from 5), and it's wood cost decreased to 200 (from 275).
Gaia's Economic Guild technologies can now be researched in any age, similar to how the Thor armory works.
Gaia's fishing technologies now receive the discount the Economic Guild technologies receive (-30%).
Gaia's unique technology Channels is moved to the Economic Guild, and its speed bonus (+20%) also affects fishing ships and caravans.
Kronos' siege units and myth units now move 10% faster.
Kronos' timeshift of Fortresses and Towers now only costs 75W and 75G ( decreased from 200W 100G).
Kronos' special technology, Focus, can now also be researched in the Economic Guild; the technology additonally improves Oracle Hero's hitpoints and attack by 20%.
Oce****'s Bite of the Shark technology also affects Fanatics (+15% attack).
Leto - Automaton's speed improved to 4.20 (from 3.75), and its pierce armor improved to to 55% (from 45%).
Leto - Volcanic Forge now gives -10% pierce vulnerability to human and hero units.
Leto - Volcanic Forge's cost reduced to 200 Gold 15 Favor (from 200F, 50G, 18Favor).
Leto - Hephaestus Revenge's favor cost reduced to 10 (from 15). The technology additionally gives Automatons an additional x1 attack bonus vs Myth units.
Leto - Spider Lair's recharge time decreased to 180 seconds (from 300), and the hatch time for eggs decreased to 5 seconds (from 10).
Hyperion - The Chaos god power obtains 1 additional charge (3 total), and now always converts 1 Myth unit, and 4 human units.
Hyperion - Heroic Renewal's favor cost reduced to 20 (from 25), and its effect on Heroes' regeneration was increased to 2.5hp/second (from 1.5).
Hyperion - Satyr's base attack increased from 12 to 20. Satyr's special attack now does splash damage (similar to the Manticore), but in a smaller area.
Hyperion - Satyrs now have a specified training time, decreasing their training time to 15 (from the default of 30).
Hyperion - Gemino's cost reduced to 200W 10Fv (from 300W 150G 25Fv), and the research time decreased to 35 seconds(from 50).
Rheia - Traitor receives one additional charge.
Rheia - Tail of Orichalkos improved so that it also gives archers -10% pierce vulnerability.
Rheia - Horns of Consecration now increases TC favor gather rate by 20% (was 11%).
Atlas - Io Guardian's favor cost reduced to 10 Favor (from 25), and the technology now reduces the Argus's special recharge time by 50% (was 20%).
Hekate - Asper Blood's cost reduced to 300G 12Fv(from 200W/250G/30Fv); the technology now also provides +2 range to the Lampade's special attack, and diminishes the special's recharge time to 17 seconds (from 22).
Hekate - Mythic Rejuvenation's favor cost reduced to 20 (from 30).
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Posted 30 August 2018 - 2:46 am
friend, the passive posture of the initial ulfsark is not working. Fix please!

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