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- Act II - Eternal Darkness by [MM]Gwayle

Creativity (17/25) - After the Act I - Dark Ascension we see some improving, but overall it's quite similar. More trigger-tricks or usage of UP1.5 would be nice to see. Bonus for mentioning Vaulltboy as original creator.
Playability (22/25) - If you are new to aoe2 RPG maps, this can be a good begin. Not too complex, but still fun fights and random event. make sure you read informations, such as spell usage and hints.
Replayability (14/20) - Not much you can replay here (unless you have to try again), but the different roles and long story can help you play it more than once.
Balance (12/15) - The fights are quite fair, but the onelife-only thing still should be reworked.
Design (8/15) - There isn't as much eye-candy and trigger tricking as it should be. Copied buildings/objects could improve a lot and there are too much same and maybe boring areas after a while.
Overall: 73 from 100

- collin defense by 09collinsjc

Creativity (15/25) - A "Hold the spot" defense map with 5 defender vs 1 attacker. Good point the attacker have a shop too! We have seen this kind of maps, but one more isn't a bad thing.
Playability (20/25) - Easy to play, hard (if not impossible) to win. Using simultaneously your army and building towers is an important key to survive longer. Shop is clear and simple. The lag problem after half hour a bit reduce the fun, specially if you want to snipe a point as attacker.
Replayability (15/20) - The map is fun after few games too, you can try new strategies and improve more and more.
Balance (10/15) - You have a difficult option, but the begin maters too much compared to mid and end game. A good team work (who where what) is essential, but also can make a painful lose, if sbody fail too fast.
Design (10/15) - The land is quite ok, too much eye-candy may lead more lag problem, but the lot of fire after a while a bit annoying. The campaign sound usage is a good thing too.
Overall: 70 from 100

- DungeonQuest RPG by [MM]Phleg

Creativity (22/25) - A last-time posted map, sadly with not too much information on the page what we should be prepared for, but it's better than excepted. While there is not too much story and map is also quite linear, the way is at was made is feel something else what I used to know in aoe2 (something like skyrim example).
Playability (18/25) - The begin maybe looks strange and some information may require, but once the tutorial is over and you understand your spells, role and what where to do, then it's quite fun.
Replayability (16/20) - The way as this map was made makes it fun to play again if you like dungeons and RPG games.
Balance (12/15) - Same as with Act I - Dark Ascension, the one-life system make me gives less points, because it can happen too easily run to a traps or make a bad move without your backups and then all your progress is gone.
Design (13/15) - The terrain not looks that special, but the tricks how it was made gives it an unique feel. The nearly 3 thousands triggers and the skill what requires to make all these happens is the biggest thing in this map.
Overall: 81 from 100

- RPG - Four Swords by _Skorpion_

Creativity (25/25) - This map brings the RPG making to a new level. Massive amount of time requires for a map like this, which makes it one of the best you can find in aoe2.
Playability (21/25) - This map is not suggested for people who are new to aoe2 RPG maps. It's much harder than it should be and sadly there is not much option to just go casually, but the unique gameplay, special bossfights and the long story makes it still awesome. The one-life system on this map can be really frustrating (specially if you enter alone to a boss arena).
Replayability (16/20) - You won't finish this map by one turn. It requires patience, great teamwork (even voice chat is suggested) and many free hours.
Balance (12/15) - The unique bossfights and great story-telling makes it great, but even if you just take a small mistake you may have to start over if not saved it.
Design (15/15) - A lots of eye-candy with small details, a huge diverse map, an unique leveling system, complex boss triggering and the great music gives this map the perfect score in design!
Overall: 89 from 100

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2017 Scenario Design Contest COOPERATIVE REVIEWS
Thank you to all who participated in the 2nd Scenario Design Contest!! My reviews are as follows. If you have any questions about the way I scored your project, please reach out to me. I am also pretty active in the Custom Scenario lobby too. I have also provided a guide on what I am looking for as I rate each aspect of each scenario, which you can find right below:

Creativity (25)
Does the scenario have ideas that make it stand out from previous cooperative maps? If it’s a RPG, is there an actual story to it? Are there original aspects regarding the leveling ups and progression of players?
Playability (25)
Is it lag and bug free? Is it easy enough for new players to understand what to do and how to win? Does the map crash unexpectedly or under certain conditions?
Replayability (20)
Are enough players going to be wanting to play the map over and over to where it has potential to be established as a classic? Are there elements to the maps to where players will want to come back for and attempt to master?
Balance (15)
Is the scenario fairly beatable? Does each player have a fair shot at doing their part? Do any of the playerd have unfair advantages over other players?
Design (15)
Is there enough eye candy to deem it a beautiful map? Does the layout look like the creator put in a lot of time and effort? Are there any innovative designs, or was the terrain lazily slopped on?
Additional Comments:

Total Score: (100)


Creativity (22/25)
This scenario is a very inventive and unique piece of work that features a great ton of randomized outcomes that make it worth exploring thoroughly. All of the dungeons are neatly hand crafted with new methods to advance. The one bit that would have made it better would be having a good story attached.

Playability (20/25)
So far as I had tested, each randomized unit had no bugs, and the bonuses and potions worked just fine, and the extreme use of randomization makes it all even better. The traps you fall into that alter your stats (mainly a temporary speed decrease) had no errors. A downside note is that there IS a bit of panic at the start though, as some players have a very limited time to find the right building to go to before the starting virus kills them; you have little time to think and the starting instructions could be a bit clearer. Some that found that Town Center that heals you to be confusing as they thought they just had to stand on the flag (rather than garrisoning) and assumed it was a bug and died.

Replayability (18/20)
The desire to try as a different randomized main unit, with a different difficulty, and to have a lot of randomized outcomes throughout the game will all draw hardcore RPG players for another and another, as long as they are able to figure out how to keep themselves alive from the instant panic at the start of the game.

Balance (15/15)
This one earns an easy A+ because YOU as the player gets to choose from a wide array of suitable difficulties! Even the “crybaby” (easiest) level can be a challenge on solo, and the “fearless” (hardest) difficulty can be very manage-able with the right unit combo and teamwork.

Design (9/15)
The map design was difficult to rate, as it has an awful lot of hit or miss to it. Throughout various regions of the map there are unique designs laid out with an innovative use of terrain and objects, but while some areas excel at the eye candy, other areas fall short and seem either plain or like it’s incomplete.

Additional Comments:
I really enjoy the new style this RPG introduced and would like to see more RPGs in this format to follow. It does need more story to it for my tastes.

Total Score: (84/100)


Creativity (18/25)
A cooperative “Defend the spot” with multiple entry points and several enemy spawns, as the units get harder and harder as the time limit gets closer and closer. We’ve seen it many many times before but, in a way, Collins Defense is more extreme and fast paced. It features upgrade stores like the almost the rest of the TD family.

Playability (14/25)
Echoing the same perks and issues in it’s competitive counterpart, it starts off fine but accumulates a juggernaut of lag as the map progresses, making it near unplayable. Some of my coop buddies decided to leave on the few times we did not get wiped out by the AI, making it harder to win. No bugs were detected besides some slowed enemy attackers (due to lag).

Replayability (12/20)
If the lag is tolerable for the TD groups, they’d be willing to give it another go. However, most would prefer the versus version or other TD’s with a cleaner enemy AI and less of a “total chaos” feel.

Balance (9/15)
For a coop, the lag throws a dent into the ability to successfully defend the towers, and the frustration expressed in the group and the resigning will hurt chances of winning.

Design (10/15)
So far as being a cooperative map, a gorgeous map design is a more important ingredient in comparison to a competitive map, and the eye candy is in few places to be found.

Additional Comments:
It needs a fix to the lag, whether it’s reducing enemy units and adding more stats to the ones that stay, or a more mini version. Players need to have dedicated allies too, like other TD’s.

Total Score: (63/100)


Creativity (25/25)
A bar-raising RPG with multiple aspects that make it stand out far beyond others. It has a unique and non-traditional leveling up system mainly reliant on accomplishing side tasks (though some minor upgrades are given for clearing areas and main storyline progress), a unique healing system, the only RPG that has a GPS to date, and elaborate and challenging boss battles!! The boss fights in this map require more thinking and teamwork than any other released RPG in AoE history; it’s not a “right-click and run away when health gets low” type of boss; you have to strategize and figured out how to beat them, except for that conquistador General Zorr. This scenario also features music files that enhance gameplay. This RPG has more of a story than any of the other RPGs out there, which is a golden factor for me when I play a RPG.

Playability (22/25)
The map is lag free and no main storyline bugs were unearthed. The combo of hero units compliment each other well and make for an effective combo, provided that proper teamwork is used and a fair sharing of the upgrades. If one guy is hogging everything, leave the game. Only bugs found were minor and out of the way of the main objectives. If players got locked out of boss arenas, it’s only due to them not entering together and ignoring the warnings. Particularly the boss arenas seem to be carefully planned out with any loop holes covered effectively. Paying attention to the storyline and following objectives will make it difficult to get lost.

Replayability (17/20)
It’s a very long RPG that will take a lot of saving (and most likely a lot of reloading too). Hardcore RPG players will love it, but it’s not noob friendly. As far as I have played and tested it out with various players, very few get frustrated and quit while the majority want to keep reloading and see what happens next (once they finally make it past the current speed bump).

Balance (10/15)
Buyer beware: This RPG is one hard son of a gun. It isn’t very difficult at the start, but the more you advance into the story, the more and more it picks up. The end bosses will be nearly impossible if you have less than three players, and if you haven’t been exploring a lot of the land and finding most of the side upgrades. If you can manage teamwork, hotkey mastery, and spell usage efficiency, you will be likely to beat this game. Otherwise, play an easier RPG. It’s not noob friendly.

Design (15/15)
Earns an easy A+ due to the extreme attention to detail in every region. If you are able to uncover the more secretive areas, you’ll find even more creative map designing. The cities are lively and well thought out. Boss arenas are designed methodically and with a purpose to each piece. The healing/spell/GPS system at the south tip is very clean and organized.

Additional Comments:
This RPG raises the bar as far as AoE RPGs go and has a huge potential for becoming a classic. All players should try it, and expect a lot of reloads until they get a flow for how to win.

Total Score: (89/100)


Creativity (22/25)
This RPG holds the same fun features where you have a spell casting system and a solid leveling up system. The story behind this free roam RPG is also very notable, as RPGs (in my opinion) are significantly better if they have even a half decent story to them. From what I recall about Act I, it is basically the same format but it’s a very enjoyable and multiple level up pathway choice format that makes this one just as enjoyable. Having a storyline makes it even better for me, as that is a golden detail I look for.

Playability (15/25)
Not laggy at all, which was very nice. The three character units compliment each other well and can be used for fun and effective teamwork! Though the “Warrior” (berserk) was the most favored for being the one that could regen. One bug factor was detected, and unfortunately it’s a sizable one; healing Lvl1 (the most important spell in my opinion) for Player 1 did not work at all. I had to garrison into towers (being a non-regen and non-hero axeman) for long amounts of time, and was relieved beyond measure when I snuck into an ally group/side mission that had a monk in it so I could finally heal!!! Again, being a free roam RPG, I understand that it is not meant to have a more set and organized format on where you need to go, but some objectives don’t give any sort of clue of where to find what you need to, making it drag on. Side missions were fun too, once you figured out where to go.

Replayability (16/20)
Once you start figuring out where things are and where you need to go, this can actually become quite fun and reconquerable! I would like to see more randomized bits, and the multiple outcomes (in my opinion) are a quality ingredient in bringing players back again and again. Having each player be a different unique unit with different spells is sufficient too, in making them want to play it at least two more times.

Balance (7/15)
Although there is meant to be nothing terribly difficult to it, but it does hold some of the same issues as its predecessor; spawns in the same spots without even a task or patrol which allows some spawn to build up ungodly stats; what was really a bit of a downer was that we got our butts kicked by 400+ AP spearmen, and when I restarted, I saw that they were only supposed to have 5 AP but since they weren’t tasked anywhere, they became nearly unbeatable enemies. Bosses were difficult and each seemed to have a creative move or two. It would also have been nice to see a bit longer of a timer on some abilities, like the Mage’s attack boost.

Design (15/15)
Very detailed and carefully painted out bits all over the map. The eye candy is loaded and the spell system in the west corner is very organized and easy to manage. There are some slightly open and mainly untouched water areas to the south and east that players won’t have much access to, but not worth docking points over.

Additional Comments:
Despite the big bug, and the balancing issue, this is a very enjoyable map like it’s prequel. It will take some time to master and likely a few failures before figuring out how to best succeed. I like a lot of the non-traditional aspects of it that make it stand out from the mindless feeder and lack of content RPGs out there. A must-try!

Total Score: (75/100)

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