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Hi guys!
Took a while to finish this **** but Im finally done.

How to describe this scenario?
- The scenario is called Gold'n'Roads. The name is supposed to be a mix between 'Gold and Roads' as well as 'Golden Roads'. That is because the scenarios most important gameplay element is Gold and you have to "capture" roads by spending it wisely.

- I would call it the perfect middle between RM and CS. You earn Gold and produce units almost automatically which is very CS-like. But the map is designed in a way that you have to capture and defend resource incomes and then spend it well on the stuff you need. It is very dynamic and not straight forward like most Custom Scenarios and I suppose there are tons of ways to win.

- At first it will remind you of the popular board game risk but in reality I took that idea of another RTS game I played years ago (Battleforge). I liked it a lot but the servers got closed some years ago so its not playable anymore and now I tried to copy its main features onto a Custom Scenario for AoC.

Requirements to play:
- Two Human players who play as p1 and p2. Anything else will screw up the map setup a bit. But the map is designed for up to 8 players.

Map layout:
- You start on the edges of the map (which is a bit larger than the average Custom Scenario). The starting positions are the same as in CBA or Hero so thats easy to adapt for the average CS player.

- There are 76 mining camp spots evenly scattered across the map which any player can capture with Kings. Those mining camps cost 100 gold each and produce 1 gold every 2 seconds, so after 200 seconds ingame time they pay off. For them to be captured you have to put a King in its 2x2 area, posses 100 gold and there cannot be any other unit within a 4x4 area.

- There are 24 tower spots evenly scattered across the map which any player can capture with Kings. Those towers cost 100 gold each and will give you access to unit stores that can produce up to 12 different unit types for free. There are 16 normal unit stores and 8 siege unit stores. Each unit has a cooldown and will also block other unit access for given time. This ranges from 3 seconds for spearmen up to 34 seconds for bombard cannons.

- Speaking of mentioned Kings. You will always have 2 Kings at any time. Once you use or lose one, a new one will respawn at your original base.

- You can lose your original base but then you will no longer get new kings which are used to expand your territory. So its best if you capture another "main base" with your two remaining kings or else you will get ripped to pieces step by step.

- Your main base consists of all important buildings, one unit store, and two mining camps that are already built at the start of the map.

- In your main base you will also get two free strong respawning units. Every civ starts out with a different bonus unit. You start in Dark Age btw and have to advance through the ages with your TC, so theyre most useful in the beginning when you can only produce Milita. The bonuses for each civ is:
Aztecs: 2 Elite Jaguar Warriors + Garland Wars researched
Britons: 2 Robin Hood
Byzantines: 2 Belisarius
Celts: 2 Siege Ram
Chinese: 2 Heavy Scorpion
Franks: 2 Charlemagne
Goths: 2 Theodoric the Goth
Huns: 2 Bleda the Hun
Japanese: 2 Minamoto
Koreans: 2 Mangonel
Mayans: 2 Elite Plumed Archer + Feudal Age researched
Mongols: 2 Tamerlane
Persians: 2 War Elephants
Saracens: 2 Elite Mameluke
Spanish: 2 Elite Conquistador
Teutons: 2 Master of the Templar
Turks: 2 Elite Janissary
Vikings: 2 Erik the Red

- In the middle of the map there is one single castle that gives you access to unique units (already in dark age. But careful, those arent free and cost gold), trebuchets in imp, petards and unique technologies.

- Uhm, I dont know what else I could say, just play and figure it out :D Oh yea, unlike most scenarios, you do NOT get a reward for kills or razes.

I hope there are no bugs, otherwise let me know so I can fix them asap. Have fun!
=V= GoldnRoads v1.scx (file size: 152.41 KB)
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Nice man, sort of reminds me of Kings Blood. Good job.
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Tiny update. I forgot the population headroom trigger. Ive replaced the file ;)

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