Hi, im experiencing some issue with obs studio while I play, my game accelerates or de-accelerates randomly and starts to behave choppy with bad mouse reaction and other several issues, I´ve tried to run the obs classic and the the 32 bits version works flawless , while my windows is actually 64bits. Anyways since im really bad configuring the obs and the version made by gennete pretty much has all I was wondering if this is fixable if it´s something I might need to configure on my pc or what´s the reason for this random behaviour.

my pc stats:
Ryzen 5 1600
Nvidia Geforce GT 710 videocard
8 gb ram
windows 7 64 bit.
Download 100 Mb Upload 7 Mb.

Edit: another question, is it somehow possible to get obs studio 32 bits? i couldn´t find it on obsproject site. Thanks in advance.