Got today new mouse - Logitech G602 Wireless. Then downloaded it's "Logitech Gaming Sofware" for customizing mouse stuff.

Mouse has 2 options:
a) On-Board Memory (Use profiles stored on the mouse)
b) Automatic Game Detection (Use profiles stored on the computer)

So here is the thing in Aoc hotkeys I set "]" as "Go To: Stable". And put one of my mouse extra key as "]". Then if I go in Single Player or Rated Voobly game hotkey on mouse is working. Used option A.

But if I choose B option.
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In single player hotkeys are working BUT NOT in rated voobly game.

What is the issue?
I want have seperate profiles for various programs / games. Which is what B is used for. Automatically it recognizes I'm in Aoc and then I have different functions set on my mouse extra keys than lets say when I m browsing web and using chrome or watching movie and using Windows Media Player. This is what B option is for.

But A option I will have same function set to ALL!! programs which is not I wanted.

So I guess I need select something more in "Games and apps that use this profile":
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beside just "age2_x1.exe"

Any ideas how to fix this?