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1v1 AoM Vanilla Championship Incoming - Sign Up!


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Posted 28 August 2017 - 5:14 am
The time is nearing when the special event hosted by AoL_Destroyer will be kicking off! A full blown 1v1 tournament Vanilla hasn't seen for quite some time (many years actually) is promising to be a great clash of skill in the game most of us have started with - Age of Mythology, without any Titans, Atlanteans, without Autoqueue, without Classical Age TCs... Simply a very different game, but one many miss dearly and are eager to revisit if it still feels the same great way :) 500€ in prize pool will certainly help with that :D

Sign-ups are open until the end of August in the [You must login to view link], and all the info about the settings, format and the like can be found there as well - give that a good read to know what you're going to be playing. The Championship will begin on September 2 with Qualifications.

[You must login to view link]

If you have signed up before, but already know circumstances have changed and you won't make it in the end, please do let us know by posting in the sign-up thread - it will help us immensely with correctly populating the brackets and making the tournament run smoother.

The Championship is going to be a revolutionary event as well, as we'll see a widespread use of maps allowing actual observing for live streaming, a thing that wasn't available in the original game - thanks Errorcodebin for the implementation and especially RebelsRising for preparing the actual code! This will be the first big event with full streaming capabilities for Vanilla AoM :)

So far there are already plenty of names in, many of them quite skilled of course, so the quality is assured, but more than that, we (and especially Destroyer as the host) are hoping you'll have tremendous amount of fun competing in the original way Age of Mythology was created, or at least watching the battles live with the help of the community streamers :)

Gl&hf everyone!
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Posted 29 August 2017 - 8:49 am

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