Random Labyrinth 1.1.0 by Zix


Try the new Hedge Maze mod which replaces Old Stone Head to high quality Hedge graphics:


Random Labyrinth 1.1.0.scx

The map will randomly generate a 103x103 size labyrinth/maze at game start.
Each player starts with a villager at a random location.
You must find 10 Relic Carts in the Labyrinth to win the game.
Relic Carts are created during the game at random times and random locations.
Take care of your Relic Carts because the enemy can capture them!
There are many wolves in the Labyrinth, which can attack you.
If you lose your villager, it will respawn at a random location (625 possible locations!), but you will lose all of your Relic Carts (however, you can recapture them).
Gold=number of Relic Carts you have

You can build Walls, Watch Towers and Outposts.
Watch tower is good for healing your villager and shoot enemies or wolves, but they are damaged 1 HP/sec, so you will lose them by time.
You can build Outposts too, which is built much faster, and does not lose HP automatically. It can be good for getting extra LOS very fast.

The map will always generate a new labyrinth! There is 0% chance for getting 2 times the same!

Here is an example: