(2017) - A Holy Crusade


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Can be played as 1v1v1 or 2v2v2 or 3v3

Players must get 1 or 2 or 3 Relics through 7 Regions and into their Monastery

WOOD = Current Conversions
FOOD = Conversions required for Next Level
STONE = +1 / Level
GOLD = Use to Upgrade HOLY POWERS
POP = Regeneration Rate (hp/sec)

Using Upgrade Kings:
1. Tag Kings eg Ctrl+ 1-6
2. Hit 1-6
3. Right-click anywhere on map near Monk.

"Bless" Converts +1 attack/+10hp (125 gold, 1 stone)
"Anointment" Monk +1 melee armor (175 gold) [max 21]
"Sanctuary" Monk +1 pierce armor (225 gold) [max 21]
"Fervor" Monk +5 / w Relic +2 Speed (275 gold) [max 10]
"Theocracy" Monk +1 Faith Recharge Rate (325 gold) [max 5]
"Salvation" Monk +1 Heal Rate/Regeneration -1s (375 gold) [max 5]

King HP = Number of times upgrade purchased
Monastery HP = Monk's Current Level [max 15]

Every Conversion yields 25 Gold
Every advance in Monk's Level yields 50 Gold/Level
Every Gate opened yields 100 Gold

"Holy Hellfire" does 500hp damage to Castle
"Mass Appeal" converts all Hostiles for 10 seconds
"Wrath of God" kills all Hostiles for 10 seconds

Be warned; Monk becomes vulnerable when carrying the Relic!

Gates are opened when Monk with Relic is on 'X' and all Accursed in area are neutralised

Take 'Advance/Retreat' Relic to activate Advance/Retreat for that area (Optional)

- Retreat activates when Monk is on 'X' in last area cleared

Don't go close to a big Fire (or you will get burned)

Don't walk in Deep Water (or you will get drowned)

Save time by using the Ferryman, if you have the fare:

Godsend Glade - 5 gold
Watchers Oasis - 10 gold
Guardians Grove - 15 gold
Drowned Land - 20 gold
Keepers Forest - 25 gold

º º º º º º A HOLY CRUSADE º º º º º º

Scenario Design : Phleg

Human Players 1-6 : ANY CIV (AZTEC recommended)
Computer Player 7 : ANY CIV (NOT TEUT/BYZ recommended)
Computer Player 8 : ANY CIV (TEUT recommended)

Difficulty - HARD
Resources - ANY
Reveal Map - ALL VISIBLE
Starting Age - Standard
Lock Teams - OFF

Thanks for Maptesting: Skorpion, Gallas, MrVeryNice, Mallow, krosis, rambo
and Special Thanks to: superlisko
AHC8.PNG (file size: 1.14 MB)
AHC5.PNG (file size: 1.28 MB)
AHC4.PNG (file size: 1.21 MB)
AHC1.PNG (file size: 1004.23 KB)
A Holy Crusade.scx (file size: 302.92 KB)

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 3:31 am
Great map some beautiful eye candy and fun to play recommend everyone try this.

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