Poll to reset CBA/Hero Ladders


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Posted 13 April 2017 - 11:10 pm
I think the point is, is because the two have been lumped into one ladder, it's lost its value to players who want some recognition for their 1v1 CBA game. Though they seem similar on the surface, both sides agree they are very different maps. It can't be too difficult to get a new ladder going.

Edit: I think many more than 10 will use it rofl

Edit: Just to be clear, has there ever even been a 1v1 CBA ladder? I honestly can't remember, or was it previously just CBA tg & 1v1 lumped into one before it changed to the current set up

No, to my knowledge there hasn't been a previous CBA 1v1 Ladder. Although I understand what you're saying, I still don't see the point in splitting them and I won't be. Sorry.

And ok, maybe 14 people will play it.. lol :P

When CBA Hero was introduced, I quit playing CBA. I think this is mostly what happened with other players as well.
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Join Date: 11 July 2009
Posted 13 April 2017 - 11:40 pm
The CBA/Hero Ladders will be reset once a year. The reset will occur sometime next week (No exact date so please don't ask lol).
mich wrote:
  • Every year - 14
  • Every two years - 9
  • Every three years - 1

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