My goal for Game Of Thrones is literally to tell the story perfect from multiple angles. i want the visuals to look really nice . with baby dragons , medium sized dragons. and large size for mother of dragons. other characters like Arya, Bran. in the Perfect world i'd like visuals for each character in the ball park. not perfect, but ball park. buildings and land marks for buildings.

Ive tried using the GoT Beta MOD, it crashes when your in Game Editor , when you click OTHER ( Where the Units , Buildings , Heroes , Other ) Other Crashes the game. So i cant use that Beta its horrible if it crashes.
I do have Terror of Dragon. I have not looked deeply into it yet. i do like the visuals. It would be nice if that Game Of Thrones Beta MOD worked nicely.. Because it does have landmark buildings from GoT.

I just really need a MOD that doesnt crash, and has all visuals together. Its going to be 4 Player RPG with 4 Computers.
If you have any questions, please ask. thank you