I come from the AoE2 HD version on Steam, and I used the patch. I launch the game with the patch, and so far it seems to work. However, there is a couple of resolution problems associated with the game.

Now: if I'm actually "playing" a game, the resolution is the regular 1080p. However, it really bugs me ("bugs me" as in: it's an eye sore I can barely stand) to see the god-awful original res in the menus and lobbies. Is it normal, or is there (hopefully) a way to put the menus in HD too?

Second problem is that my entire PC seems to temporarily switch to the native resolution of the original game when I am in the game window. So for example if I go to the game, and then back to a browser window, the browser window will be all resized down (when it was originally 1080p wide).

And third and last (for now), the game seems to run in my original language (my computer language), which I don't like. In the HD version there is a menu to change the language to run the game; is there a similar option here?

Thanks in advance.