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Request: Type of Graphic- Banner
Type of Graphic: Battle scene/ Romans
Text on Graphic: The 10th Legion
Images on Graphic (Supply if you can):
Animated: Y/N- If you are able this is preferred
Style/Genre: Vibrant
Size: max voobly banner size
Specific Designer: Any

Link to page- http://10thlegion.voobly.com/

I am open to ideas, so surprise me.
Anyone who dedicates time for this has my gratitude in advance. ;flowers
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here is my entry
ps : when i made the banner i made "x" as greek number 10 .
and since i forgot to save the psd file of photoshop , i can't change anything.
also i couldnt make it "max voobly banner size" coz then file is more than 8mb and voobly only allow banners that are under 2mb.

anyways , hope u like it

recommened settings :

Banner Background Color: #0a0b09
Banner Spacer Color: #000000
Banner Height:112

here is how it should look with those settings

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 7:20 pm
Looks awesome, thanks!

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