germans technique in treaty


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tell me build of german civ in reaty
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This build is for Treaty 40. Applies to treaty 30 as well. For treaty 20, you'll have to adjust this build for 20 mins or make a few changes to this build as it suits you.
Age I

Seperate your villagers on food crates first and shift click on hunting, queue the first villager as soon as possible, use one settler wagon to collect wood crate to build a house and a market, keep 2 setller wagons on hunting animal for constant villager training.
Depend on your starting resource, put 1 settler wagon on wood/gold to upgrade Hunting Dog [first hunting upgrade] and Placer Mine [first mining upgrade] then Gang Saw [first wood upgrade] in market.
Send first card Economic Theory.
Queue up to 20 villagers.
Distribute your villagers on food/gold [normally more on food than gold] so you get 800 food for Age II, then 1200food/1000gold for direct Age III after Age II.
Advance to Age II with 400 wood option.
When aging up, gather extra 150 food/ 250 extra gold for Log Flume [second wood upgrade] in market.

Age II

Upgrade Log Flume [second wood upgrade in market] right away when you arrive at Age II. Then keep about 3 or 4 villagers on food, all other villagers onto wood to prepare for Age III Town Centers and mills.
Collect your Aging up bonus 400 wood.
Build one more house to get pop space for next card.
Advance to Age III with Fast Age up option.


Build 2 more Town Centers with your Explorer.
Send your first card Refridgeration, wait for the card bonus Uhlans cavalry to arrive then delete them to save pop space [double click one to select all others, be careful don't drag select and accidentally delete other things like villager or town center].
Note with German, from Age II, each card you send will deliever bonus Uhlan cavalry that takes a lot of pop space that would require you to build more houses than normal with the precious wood that you should spend on building mill and Settler Wagons so it's better to delete the Uhlans rather than keeping it.
If there are some big treasures on the map worth getting like 480 xp, extra villager, 520 gold, 300 wood, 5 more on pop limit, 5% discount on food/ can use your shipment Uhlans to get treasure then remember to delete them.
Send your second card Germantown Farmers [enable Settler Wagons training on mill].
When your extra Town Centers are up, switch some more villagers onto food to keep constant villager production [at least 10].
Build your mill right when you got extra 400 wood. Start to train Settler Wagon from mill.
Distribute your villagers on food/wood so you have constant training from Town Centers and mill.
Build more mills to get Settler Wagon out faster [usually 3 mills]. Put Settler Wagons on mill as you run low on hunting animal.
Next card Royal Mint, upgrade Amalgamation for mining in market too and start to put more villagers on gold for Age IV 2000 food/1200 gold.
At 15 minutes mark, you should have full 20 Settler Wagons and on your way to Age IV.
Keep some villagers on wood to upgrade your mill.

Age IV

Send Guild Artisans card first for 35% faster gather rate for Settler Wagons.
Send 2 factory cards, build and upgrade factories right away, put them on wood.
At 17 minutes you should be on your way to Age V.
Research Circular Saw [the final wood upgrade in market]. Put most of your villagers on wood.

Age V

Build Capitol and upgrade wood/food/gold right away.
Build 1 more mills [you should have 4 mills in total] and put 5 Settler Wagons on each mill [less bumping to each other, for best gather rate]. Your Settler Wagons have the best gather rate in all kinds of villager, so please don't drag them around the map to waste time on walking.
Buy Mercantilism [Church 2000 XP] and send Sustainable Agriculture card [15% mill gather rate] in 1v1 or Food Silos [team 10% mill gather rate] in team game.
Build like 10 plantations [building plantation also gives extra xp], upgrade them, and send all plantation cards [Textile Mill/Cigar Roller/Rum Distillery].
Start to put more villagers on gold, final distribution can be 20 Settler Wagon on food/25 on wood and the rest on gold.
Your villagers should be 119 right now, because Setler Wagon is counted as 2 normal villagers, you should delete normal villagers to reduce villager count to 80, or as low as 70 once it reachs 38-39 minute mark to train more army. NEVER DELETE SETTLER WAGON.
German eco is very flexible, if you feel you are draining more than your enemy, you can be defensive with less troop and train more villagers to recover.
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just do a fast revolution ball with some baseline micro. **** treaty

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