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It's an absolute trip to be revisited by the past as I have been finding this community. My name is Devin, aka GMA Prez aka GMA Dealer. I began Goodfellas Mob Association back when I was just a little **** nugget drug dealing punk with nothing to do but play video games all day long. I sucked when I first started. R6 had already been out for some time and most of everyone playing on Mplayer (I think) we're light years beyond my game skill. I joined a couple of clans to start off with but never stayed for more then a short period of time. I met some cool folks in that short period of time and came up with the idea to start my own clan. I was absolutely addicted to the Goodfellas movie at the young age of 18 and thought it would be a good idea to evolve it into a clan name. I called us Goodfellas because I wanted us to be elite players but more so respected and known for not cheating. We were good guys. Goodfellas. Ya know....

Time went on and the clan grew to places I never would have expected in the beginning. We were rank #1 several times over the years and basically always top 10 and had multiple great players in our clan constantly in top 5 singles. We definitely had some cheaters come and go but I can say as long as I was involved, the second I found a cheater, they were gone. No ****ing around. Even some kid I let visit me from out of state that I had become close friends with became my enemy the very instant he told me he had cheated before. Booted, banned, f*kd

P.S. F*k you GMA Freeza

It is a great honor to see the clans name still being carried on. To those carrying on it's name, Thank you! GMA Hollywood I see you buddy. Much love. It was a total mind funk finding this. Goodfellas 4 life. Cheers. Check out our last rank on DGL before it shut down [You must login to view link]
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Posted 25 August 2015 - 12:20 am

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