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Steam Version of XvT, Multiplayer, GameRanger


Join Date: 3 May 2015
Edited 4 May 2015 - 1:15 am by Blakhart
Hello All Old and New XvT players.

Some of you may remember BoTS_PanzerGR or FURY_Blackhart from MSN GameZone and BattleStats. Whether you do or not, hello.

Recently saw that STEAM had the entire Tie and X-wing series games for sale and I purchased the lot. Figured if nothing else I would LAN with my stepson and he could enjoy them as I once had. Unfortunately the game completely crashed every time I attempted to do a Host Game or a direct IP connect directly from the game.

I saw that many folks were using Voobly, so I tried that as well. No Joy. I would Launch the game from the Lobby just fine, and vice versa he could launch the game.... but then the other one wouldn't connect.

Tried [email protected] [email protected] and it worked perfectly. If anyone out there is having difficulties with their Steam version of the game I would highly recommend the [email protected] [email protected] client as a launching platform. It isnt as nice as Voobly in that there is no dedicated "Xwing Lobby". You have to manually search for a XvT Game Room out of a massive list of games. However, if you use the Friends list and invite Friends to your game via that it is easy as pie.

If anyone ever wants to try and hook up a game with me, add me as a friend. Im using the handle "Blakhart" on [email protected] [email protected] I moved to Australia 7 years ago so my time schedule will be different to you USA based boys but I'm sure from time to time arrangements could be made.

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Join Date: 8 October 2012
Edited 3 June 2015 - 9:31 pm by [NSNS]Keeper_
Yo BlackHeart, I've been playing on [email protected] [email protected]
No chat lobby or forums which suck, but there are game rooms people create.
I've been on there off and on.
Hope to see you there!
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Join Date: 20 November 2009
Edited 25 December 2016 - 8:09 am by [G_P_S]__Taz
No clue why I wandered in but.......

BoTS_Taz (21099), still hanging around somewhere.
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Join Date: 8 January 2017
Posted 10 January 2017 - 2:17 am
Sup guys, i bought the game recently , hope to see you guys around for some multiplayers.

search me on steam

僕のM E M E

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Join Date: 8 October 2012
Edited 11 February 2017 - 11:16 am by [NSNS]Keeper_
Check out [email protected] [email protected] and Discord!
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