Rainbow Six KOTH Tournament Tonight @ 8PM CT 9PM EST .


Game launches last person alive on FFA will start as King of the Hill.

Each kill the KOTH Makes will count towards their score. Every round KOTH will update their score by putting a number in parenthesis at the end of their name that represents their current score.

For instance if you are king of the hill and you kill 5 people thats 5 points towards your main score. And KOTH will update his score at the end of round before the next one starts.

Winner is the first to 20 Kills


Each 5 kills you make during the game will award you 20 points on the Rainbow Six Singles Ladder and will also give you 1 win added to your record(First and second place excluded)

1st) + 10 Wins on your account , 200 XP Points, 1,000 Credits

2nd) + 5 Wins on your account , 100 XP Points, 500 Credits

3rd) + 1 Wins, 50 XP Points, 100 Credits