Hey all,
I'm thinking of hosting a tournament called 'Gods of War' and I'm looking for some help with designing a banner and badges for winners.

I'd like the banner to be really dark and realistic, with lots of blood and gory. But not fantasy, with magic, futuristic elements etc.

As for the badges, I'd like a set of 16 blue ones with the following text beneath (the actual badge can stay the same):
Winner: Arabia, Huns
Winner: Blind Random
Winner: Migration
Winner: Black Forest
Winner: Regicide Fortress
Winner: Less Used Civs
Winner: Arabia, Hidden Civs
Winner: Death Match
Winner: Water Maps
Winner: Various Map Packs
Winner: King of the Hill
Winner: Nomad Maps
Winner: Arabia, Team Random
Winner: WiC_Map_Pack_v4
Winner: Turbo Random Map
Winner: Arena

And then of course, Bronze, Silver and Gold badges.

I hope it's not too difficult.

I have attached my feeble attempt.

GoW Test 6.jpg (file size: 897.76 KB)