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This map was originally made by rEG a lot of time ago, but it was full of bugs that render it nearly unplayable. Was also quite unbalanced, many triggers weren't working and heroes that died istantly instead of be upgraded or respawn and so on...
Same 1/3 of the surface of the map was not used.
But the idea was nice so I thought to remaster this map completely.

I added new parts of map and modified many things in the old one (different buildings-units-paths).
I added 300-350 triggers (total now is around 750) and fixed at least half of the old ones cause problems and bugs.
I also rebalanced all units and heroes same added 1 new class from zero (axeman) and strongly modified cleric,ninja,gladiator and knight class adding them skills and spells. All hero can now be upgraded to the end removing that fastidious "sudden death effect"at the end due to errors in triggers. The version of this map when I got it was the 2.7. I created yesterday the 5,98.

This map it' s a RPG game with 5 players and healers (computer player p6) which have to kill 2 evil lords (P7 and P8).
A party of 2 people is enough for complete this map with discrete difficults and around 4-5 h time of gametime (less real time with fast speed). The raccomanded party although is at least 3-4 people (1 ranged warrior and 1 cleric are raccomanded).

The nice part is that the cleric class is not just a healer, he can convert and cast spell with improvements for all the party (except himself). So the playes who has it will not just die in booring healing others but will act as a healer/buffer and warrior to with converted units.
Win alone with the cleric is also possible (I did it and had 86 army), but you have to know really well the map and is really a challenge for a single player to do it alone the first time. Other class such axeman foot archer and cav archer can win it alone but it is really hard to go through the map alone; is really hard for samurai/champion/knight in a solo player.
I recreated the map to encourage to cooperate together and play together. Players have to wisely choose if kill units or let them be converted for bonus, who should raze buildings for get bonus and so on. Choose to leave enemies flee or just affront and kill them together. There are also more path so you don't need to kill all enemies in the map but you have a little choice.
I have tested this map several times and I assure that there are nearly no bugs (although no 100% bugs at all in a RPG with 750 triggers still nearly impossible unfortunately).

Point of advantage:
- Enjoyfull, all my mates I played with really liked map. I have also to thank them for patience if some bug has appared
- Except cleric you can change class in the middle of game, so you can adjust your error at beginning. Is it possible to change it directly in the first 5 minutes or change it when dieing.
- Great game variability, many challenges and units, there is no 1 unit that can easily kill all others.
- Nice special effects with cleric's spells, and some hidden secrets and differents paths that can allow you to play it again and again in a little different way.
- Even if there are no clerics there is P6 that provide good healers and can help you. Byzantines civ avoid that you have to wait for centuries before be full healed.

- It's quite long, but if you like RPG 3-4 hours gametime is not a lot (Age time fast)
- It's not immediately easy but at the same time you have immediately 1 extra life to play and you will earn another later.
- Nearly no one can go alone, either can do it but it's really dangerous. You need to cooperate..but maybe this is an advantage!

The known "bugs" depends only from the kind of condition in triggers in Age 2 and are following:
-if you hero die but you have the siege ram (you get after 1/4 of the map) a new hero cannot spawn because u need to have no military units for example, killing/using the siege solve this problem of course.
-you can receive flag bonus just with military units not with the cleric, that was intended so att they will convert
- if your hero dies you may respawn in a new life but the hero would be a little weaker because you will lose your precedent buffs; that's clearly unavoidable and it's the price to pay to can choose a new class!

The only true bugs is the spell "hydroblast" that sometimes without explanation won't stop. I created a self rescue (P1 can delete is tent for remove all hydroblasts from all players). However even if it continues to the infinite it doesn't affect the game playability (just maybe lag a little more).

I hope you like it!