Forget everything what you know about medieval age of empires... start think with spaceships.



  • 90+ playable units
  • 20+ custom buildings (aka planets)
  • 100+ researchable (and other 100 non) technology
  • 300+ custom textures, icons and graphics
  • 200+ new sounds
  • New Civilizations with bonuses
  • Custom economy system
  • One Custom Random map
  • Full support for Regicide, King of the Hill and any game mode
  • You can make your own CS map with this mod
  • network_down.PNG Offline game support: [You must login to view link]

This guide shows basic stuffs about this mod.

How to host


The mod itself contain one custom random map NOT SCENARIO (later can be be some fan-made map).
The only game rule which must be fixed is the Resources: standard because if it's different you can have wood/food/stone while it's unused. If you try use other map, or different random map the game looks ugly or can crash. In addition computer's Ai cannot play this mod.

This is how looks a random map at begin (click on image for bigger picture):


You starting with one Planetary Center (aka TC), 3 (more with some civ) Colonization Ships (aka Villagers) and one Scout Ship.

Your buildings (except few) generating gold (it's upgradeable later)

To gather it, left click on Colonization Ship, and right click on planet (like farms)

To maximal the incoming gold try avoid use all gatherer in one planet. When a planet reach 0 gold, then gatherers cannot work 100%. The best is, when your planet's gold really slowly increasing and not overfarmed.


Terraforming (aka build a building) is your way to make more planets (buildings). You can build only on an Unpopulated planets!
Click on a Colonization ship, then buildings:

Then place it on an Unpopulated planet:

Here a list from ALL possible buildings:

1. (green): Houses, giving huge amount of gold and increasing pop. (2. and 3. house need research after 3. age)

2. blue: Ground Research Laboratory and Space Research Laboratory (aka blacksmiths) allow you research technologies for your Invasion Units and Spaceships. (only from 2. age)

3. red: Civilian and Military Research Center (aka Universities) allow you the research technologies for your planets. (only from 3. age)

4. yellow: Trading planet (aka Market) allow you to make Trading ships and tribute gold to other player. The resources trading useless, but it's cannot be removed from game without removing the tribute option too.

5. purple: Planetary Center and Death Star (aka wonder).

Trading Ship can trade with Independent Merchants (gaia spaceships) You are not allowed to trade with other player's Trading planets, only gaia spaceships!

On map you can see 5 Golden Asteroids (aka Relics).

Trading Ships can pick it up, and drop to Research Center.

2. building page:

1. red: Factories. You can create your military units here.

2. blue: Turret Planets (aka towers) Defending you. (2. 3. and 4. turret need research)

3. green: Fortified Planet (aka castle) Strong defensive planet and allows you research special technologies (no civ based units.... yet)


As you know, Spaceships can be created in Spaceship Factory in 2. building page, but you also allows here new units:

Don't forget 2. page after 2. age!

Your Invader Factory can make Invasion Units (aka monks), but it can only Conquer Planets (but not all type)

You can destroy a planet with your ships:

Or invade it:


Q: I cannot download the mod from web! WHY?
A: You have to install Voobly client on your PC with aoe2.

Q: Why this mod downloading slower than other mods?
A: This mod changed many elements of base game, it's bigger than usual mods.

Q: My download stucked at 99%
A: Be patient! When download reach 99% it's unzip into your Voobly mod folder and it takes time (depends on your pc performance).

Q: I like this mod, but could you make just a Star Wars mod?
A: No, I won't make Star Wars mod, if you would prefer that, you can make your own CS map with my mod and rename units by triggers, or just try Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

Q: I like the Imperium Galactica part of this mod, can you give me the original game?
A: No I can't, but you still can buy it from stores (google it for details).

Q: I cannot trade with other player's Market!
A: You can only trade with gaia Independent Merchants.

Q: The mod not use wood/food/stone, why you not removed it from market?
A: To allow player tribute resources to other player you have to own a market, but the market have the trade feature too. This two can not be separated. If no trade, then no tribute too.

Q: I Picket up the Golden Asteroid, where can i drop it?
A: Into the Military Research Center

Q: I tried make my own Custom map with this mod, but Trigger Studio cannot see new units.
A: You have to edit in TS folder the data_aok.xml file and add new ids.


Gameplay with nhoobish

The Basics: Exploring Age by Your_momma






















Guía en Español traducida por SaoceaN.

Olvídate de todo lo que sabes acerca de la Era Medieval de los Imperios... comienza a pensar en naves espaciales.


  • 90+ unidades jugables.
  • 20+ Construcciones Personalizadas (Ó Planetas).
  • 100+ desarrollables (y otras 100 no desarrollables) tecnologías.
  • 300+ texturas personalizadas, iconos y gráficas.
  • 200+ nuevos sonidos.
  • Nuevas Civilizaciones con Bonos.
  • Sistema de Economía Personalizado.
  • Un Mapa Aleatorio Personalizado.
  • Soporte completo para Regicida, Rey de la Colina y cualquier otro modo de juego.
  • Puedes crear tu propio Escenario Personalizado con esta modificación.
  • network_down.PNG Soporte para juegos offline: [You must login to view link]

Esta guía te mostrará las cosas básicas acerca de esta modificación.

Como hostear


La modificación por si misma contiene un Mapa Aleatorio Personalizado. NO ES UN ESCENARIO (en un futuro puede haber alguno hecho por fans).

La única regla del juego que debe de ser ajustada es la de Recursos: Estándar, porque si es diferente puedes tener madera/comida/piedra mientras está inutilizada. Si intentas usar otro mapa u otro Mapa Aleatorio el juego puede verse feo y cerr**** (crashe****). En adición, la Inteligencia Artificial de la computadora no puede jugar esta modificación.

Así es como un Mapa Aleatorio se ve al principio (click en