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Medieval Europe Total War - Final version is out!

Map Made by in co-work of nhoobish and [RPG]Chimaera__
This map is meant to be played with UserPatch Enabled in game room.

Picture of the map - [You must login to view link]
Download link to the scenario - http://www.voobly.com/files/download/23032863/oagbyjd0y7ude45ke8sd74hbvpw86sds

Prologue - This map is deticated to the memory of Leonel who was a great Lord of the Rings player, but recently has commited heavily to Dota 2 with 65 hours of average gameplay within a week. Therefore our great friend does not play with us in Voobly anymore. In hopes he will once return again let us cry out three cheers to our Turin Turambar, son of Hurin of House Hador. Hip-hip-hurraaa, hip-hip-hurraaa, hip-hip-hurraaa!!

Description - The Year is 1080 AD. And Europe's realms are constantly at war with each other hoping to extend territories on their neighbours expense. You the Player will be able to control one of the 8 great realms of Medieval Europe, but only one can achieve total domination and rule the lands of Europe.

To become the ruler of the known world you can forge alliances, sign trade rights or even declare wars. Establish trade routes to friendly realms and gain wealth so that you could become a rich and powerful nation. With good wealth you can afford yourself with better armies and when the battlefield marches against your cities you shall have good advantage to win it against those filthy peasants who oppose threat and want to take away your lands.

Before starting the game make sure that Teams are Unlocked!! You can play it differently, but that is the way I made the map. If players want fixed teams then game should be played as p1, p2, p3, p8 vs p4, p5, p6, p7. That way the game is somewhat balanced. Also I am not the boss of you so what the heck, you can even play it with random teams, maybe it will be funnier that way.
Important: Do not let your units die such as King/Emperor/Caliph, Queen/Empress/Calipha, Prince, Princess and for P7 they are called The Pope and Bishop (6 of them). If all of those units would happen to die then you lose.

You will be able to rule one of the followings great nations of that time such as
- P1 (in game civ Saracens) Moors: The great savages of Spain, who conquered 3/4 of Spain and then ruled them for many years until Charles Martel defeated them and pushed Moors back to Southern Spain. Now it is your time to undo Charles Martel's doings and claim the lands of Spain and push onward to Central Europe.
- P2 (in game civ Britons) Britons: A proud nation who has overthrown their Saxon rulers thanks to the William of Normandy. Now united and strong the Britons have a good opportunity to expand their territories to further South and maybe even conquer Paris. Or destroy the filthy Vikings and claim the nourished lands of Ireland.
- P3 (in game civ Vikings) Vikings: Pillage the lands of Europe with swift attacks on shores and raid trade routes. Ask tributes for peace or even set strongholds to the conquered land. Or accept the Christianity to all of your nation as Kingdom of Denmark did and ally the Romans and help them spread the Holy Faith with Steel and Blood.
- P4 (in game civ Teutons) Holy Roman Empire: One of Europe's strongest and richest nations and the realm that defends Holy Faith. Your goal is to spread Christianity and destroy the unbelievers or violently expand and conquer your neighbours territories to once again unite all lands under one banner - to the Caesar's banner.
- P5 (in game civ Franks) Franks: As the heirs of Charlemagne and Charles Martel you cannot be worse then your ancestors. You have glory to claim and lands to annex. Your knights will always stand by you in your every decision and their chivalry is the greatest in Europe.
- P6 (in game civ Spanish) Spanish: A suppressed nation, your lands have been always separated and with many rulers. Now is the time to act and merge your lands and take back what once belonged to Spanish, destroy the Moors and give them no mercy.
- P7 (in game civ Teutons/Byzantines) Italians: Very rich nation but small. Use your advantage of ships and establish good trade routes for more gold and power. It is always said that power comes with gold. But watch out for pirates, because The Mediterranean is sailed by many nations. And from land, the Magyars and Slavs will want to be free of foreign kings.
- P8 (in game civ Huns) Magyars and Slavs: A nomadic nation with good horses and horse riders. You can make quick and deadly attacks to your usurpers - Italians and Romans. Although you lack water power your land units will make up for that, because of the speed and skills of steppe riders is known.

- Buys from Store

Economy/Culture Section

Castle Age - 500 Gold - All units on field get 100 - 300 hp and 10 - 30 ap. Allows you to buy Castle Age technologies. (For p1 p3 p8)
Imperial Age - 3500 Gold - All units on field get 100 - 600 hp and 10 - 60 ap. Allows you to buy Imperial Age technologies.
Coinage - 1000 Gold - Feudal Age - Trade gives extra 100 gold per minute. Tribute fee is lowered.
Banking - 1500 Gold - Castle Age - Tribute fee is 0%.
Caravan - 2000 Gold - Castle Age - All Trade Units are 2x faster.
Guilds - 2500 Gold - Imperial Age - Trade gives extra 200 gold per minute.

Military Building Technology Section

Bloodlines - Feudal Age - 750 Gold (Not for P3)
All cavalry units gain +100 hp.
Husbandry - Castle Age - 1000 Gold (Not for P3)
All cavalry units move now faster.
Squires - Castle Age - 1000 Gold
All infantry units move now faster.
Thumb Ring - Castle Age - 1500 Gold
Archers fire faster and more accurate. +10 ap to all archer units.
Careening - Castle Age - 1250 Gold (Not for P8)
Military ships gain +25 melee armor and +50 pierce armor.
Dry Dock - Imperial Age - 1500 Gold (Not for P8)
Ships sail now faster.

Infrastructural Technology section

Masonry - Castle Age - 1500 Gold
Castles and towers receive +1500 hp, +25 melee armor and +50 pierce armor.
Heated Shot - Castle Age - 1500 Gold
Towers receive +50 ap, castles +100 ap.
Architecture - Imperial Age - 2000 Gold
Castles and towers receive +2000 hp, +25 melee armor and +50 pierce armor.
Chemistry - Imperial Age - 3000 Gold
Towers and castles receive +50 ap. Archers gain +15 ap. Warships gain +30 ap.
Keep - Imperial Age - 4000 Gold
Towers receive +2500 hp, +25 melee armor, +50 pierce armor and 50 ap.
Hoardings - Imperial Age - 1500 Gold (Not for P3)
Castles receive +1000 hp, +10 melee armor and +20 pierce armor.

Blacksmith Technology Section

Leather Archer Armor - Castle Age - 1500 Gold
All archer units gain +10 melee armor and +15 pierce armor.
Iron Casting - Castle Age - 2500 Gold
All melee units gain +20 ap.
Chain Mail Armor - Castle Age - 2000 Gold
All infantry units +10 melee armor and +20 pierce armor.
Chain Barding Armor - Castle Age - 2000 Gold (Not for P3)
All cavalry units gain +10 melee armor and +20 pierce armor.
Bracer - Imperial Age - 3500 Gold (5000 Gold for P2)
All archers gain +15 ap and +1 range.
Ring Archer Armor - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
All archers gain +10 melee armor and +20 pierce armor.
Blast Furnace - Imperial Age - 3000 Gold
All melee units gain +30 ap.
Plate Mail Armor - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
All infantry units gain +15 melee armor and +30 pierce armor.
Plate Barding Armor - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold (Not for P3)
All cavalry units gain +15 melee armor and +30 pierce armor.

Unique Technology Section

P1 - Zealotry - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
Camels and mamelukes gain +300 hp.
P2 - Yeomen - Imperial Age - 4000 Gold
All footarchers gain +1 range and +10 ap. All towers recieve +50 ap.
P3 - Berserkergang - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
Berserks regenerate hp faster. Berserks and Viking Raiders gain +250 hp and +30 ap.
Berserk Chieftains - Castle Age - 2000 Gold
Berserks and Viking Raiders gain +200 hp and +25 ap.
P4 - Crenellations - Imperial Age - 3000 gold
Castles gan +2 range and +100 ap. Garrisoned infantry units fire arrows.
P5 - Bearded Axe - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
Throwing Axemen gain +1 range and +25 ap.
P6 - Gold Rush - Imperial Age - 2000 Gold
Spanish Trade routes give extra +300 gold per minute.
P7 - Pavise - Imperial Age - 3500 Gold
All crossbow units gain +1 range, +25 ap, +100 hp, +10 melee armor and +20 pierce armor.
P8 - Parthian Tactics - Imperial Age - 2500 Gold
All cavalry archers gain +100 hp, +10 ap, +10 melee armorand +15 pierce armor.
Recurved Bow - Castle Age - 3500 gold
All cavalry archers gain +1 range and +15 ap.

- Bonuses from kills and razes

150 kills - Tribal Call - 60 African Tribesmen.
300 kills - Arab Archers. 20 Berber Archers.
500 kills & 25 razes - Beasts of Africa - 20 War Elephants.

150 kills - Oaken Pikes - All Pikemen to Heavy Pike Militias.
300 kills - Hillmen - 30 Scottish Highlanders.
500 kills & 25 razes - Boots and Leather Jerkin - All archers become agile and get light armour.

150 kills - Bloodlust - Vikings have been enraged and are stronger.
300 kills - Dragonboats - Stronger Longboats.
500 kills & 25 razes - Raiding Loot - Vikings armour themselves in the raided loot and become stronger.

150 kills - Boon of Builders - Stronger defencive buildings.
300 kills - Armoursmiths - All units gain extra armour.
500 kills & 25 razes - For the Crusade - Morale boost from Crusades, all units get stronger.

150 kills - Border Control - Infantry gets stronger.
300 kills - Axethrowing - Axethrowers do more damage and throw axes further.
500 kills & 25 razes - Knights of Chivalry. - 40 Cavaliers.

50 kills - Reconquista - All units get better.
300 kills - Jinetes - 20 Spear Cavalry.
500 kills & 25 razes - Great Armada - 20 War Galleys.

150 kills - Pilgrims - Infantry gets stronger.
300 kills - Sea Dominance - Warships get better.
500 kills & 25 razes - Saboteurs - 6 of them.

150 kills - Defences - Stronger defences.
300 kills - Horsemanship - Cavalry gets stronger.
500 kills & 25 razes - Magyar Huzsars - 40 Magyar Huzsar.

List of Changes since v1 to Final.

- Fixed Venice, no more sneaking in to city near the mountain. Added 2 more watch towers.
- Name change: Granada to Cordoba, Barcino to Valencia.
- Added American Trade Route which opens up after 2 hr in game time.
- Added anti-spawn cheat to military unit spawns, will update it if needed.
- Trade buildings invincibility fixed, now there is no way to destroy them expect to deletion.
- Small balancing in the population section for P1, P3, P5.
- Added anti-cheat system which removes resources from you expect gold if you have 100 of one type. This prevents people chopping wood and selling it, or making farms and selling food.
- War loot system. Kills and razes give gold. 100 kills = 500 gold. 100, 200, ... - 900 and 1000, 1500 ... - 2500. 2500 is the last kill amount which gives gold. If needed I will make it up to 5k.
10 raze = 500 gold. 10, 20, ... - 50 and 75, 100.
- Added cartography to all players so if you decide to play with Explored/Normal map visibility you can still see your allies.
- Fixed France cities and villages: added more towers and walls.
- Added important units/heros/rulers to all factions. If all of your rulers die you die.
- Fixed minor bugs in few triggers related to the store.
- Increased building hps.
- Fixed anti-cheat triggers.
- Atlantis added to map. Removed in F3.
- Credit section moved and added more stuff to it.
- Military unit spawns are now capturable by building an outpost between the torches what are near the spawn.
- Added triggers, which fix map lag.
- Store has now better sections for different buys.
- Assassins replaced with Saboteurs.

Edit: Download link fixed.
- nhoobish
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hmm map design looks a lot like a map that i alrdy know ;whistling
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Map looks interesting, specially how it is associated with the history. But my question is in an 8 player game what would be the average time to finish this game.

If it is more than 1:30 hrs then not many players would play it in CS lobby, only players from RM/DM lobby have more time and temperament to play such games regularly..
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Posted 2 May 2014 - 5:00 pm
In CS lobby you play with Fast speed so everything goes twice as fast. I estimate less than 1 hour irl for average time.
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Posted 2 May 2014 - 5:05 pm
smells like copy right to me not to mention not fitting the criteria are you even trying/10
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Posted 2 May 2014 - 5:21 pm
;green xD
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hmm map design looks a lot like a map that i already know ;whistling

Yeah we plagiarised the planet Earth™ ®. Maybe God will sue us for stealing his creation
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gods creation thats cute chim
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erus creations thats cute icey
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Posted 2 May 2014 - 7:35 pm
all praise rang
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Posted 26 May 2014 - 8:41 pm
Minor bug fixes and balancing.
New map under Attachments.
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Posted 26 May 2014 - 9:04 pm
noob map
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Posted 26 May 2014 - 10:08 pm
Better than Kitchen Blood.
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Posted 26 May 2014 - 10:21 pm
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The word Europe already makes it twice as good as Kitchen Blood.

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